Ava Palmer
GreyCampus PMP Training
Being a PMP certified professional can be considered as expensive, time-consuming and difficult. But these days, companies treat PMP certification as an important credential that adds credibility to your resume. Further, it helps you build the essential skills required to excel in your career. Hence if you are a working professional and looking for the...
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Invensis PMP Training
Do you know that these days 80% of high performing projects use a credentialed project manager? And 77% of high performing organizations have ongoing project manager training in place. That’s the reason why PMP certification is very much in demand in the market. Due to this, all project managers want to go for PMP certification....
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PM Training PMP
PMP Certification has gained considerable importance in the field of project management. So, most of you guys must be preparing for the PMP Exam. As a result, you must have heard the name of Christopher Scordo. But, maybe you are still not sure whether to buy Christopher Scordo’s PM Training PMP Training Programs. In this...
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Head First PMP
In this article, we will review Head First PMP with its contents, salient features, and shortcomings of the latest Head First PMP-4th edition. Hence this article will help you to decide whether to choose this book i.e. Head First PMP or another book to prepare for the PMP exam. As we are all aware that...
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Master of Project Academy PMP
You may be looking for a reliable online training provider who delivers a PMP certification training course. So in this article, you will find a review of the Master of Project Academy PMP programs with the advantages and disadvantages of online training programs. Thus, you may go through the review. Consequently, you will able to...
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