Are you looking for project management training? Before you do that, you need to know first what project management is. To answer this question we need first to define the meaning of project management. PMI defines the project as a temporary endeavor, which has defined start and end dates and also a defined scope. Projects are unique, not repetitive operations, they consist of a specific set of activities designed to achieve a single goal. As for project team members, usually, they didn’t work together before and sometimes they come from different organizations.

The project manager has to deliver their projects on time, on-budget results, with the available resources, and within the scope requirements. Thus, they need to learn how to integrate the organization’s need for the project with different project variables. Accordingly, project management is the application of the knowledge to different project activities and tasks to achieve this need as well as the skills, the tools, and the techniques.

Although project management practice is as old as human civilization beginning, it was not formally introduced until recently. PMI one of the leading institutes in the project management domain formulated the practice Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. PMBOK Guide identifies five groups of project management processes Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing. At the same time, the PMBOK  PDF Guide also identifies 10 project management knowledge areas. These areas are Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Procurement, Human resources, Communications, Risk management, Stakeholder management, and Integration.

PMP certification training

Importance of Project Management Training for Companies

Still interested in project management training? Now let’s explore the reasons why so many companies see it valuable. As a start, companies lose a lot of money due to the unorganized efforts spent on different change events. As a method of managing changes, project management offers a wide set of benefits. These benefits include having control over deliverable, effectively meeting business goals and meeting stakeholder expectations. In addition to the previous, effective project management helps in increasing the chances of success and delivering the right products at the right time. Moreover, it provides a great framework for resolving problems and issues, responding to risks in a timely manner. In addition to other benefits that can benefit the company business greatly. The following are some of these additional benefits:

  • Optimizing resources use
  • Recovering or terminating failing projects
  • Balancing constraints influence on the project
  • Managing changes in a better way

At the same, effective project management training offers benefits but the lack of effective project management training causes many disadvantages. These disadvantages include missing deadlines, overspending costs, poor quality, rework and uncontrolled expansion of the project as well as, failure in achieving the objectives for which the project was undertaken. Moreover, it may cause issues that exceed the project itself like stakeholders’ dissatisfaction and loss of reputation for the organization.

Project Management Training

Project Management Training

So what is the right project management training? How does it look like? What is the proper outline for it? From what we described above you can draw the outline of what sufficient project management training should include. Thus, effective project management training must cover project management key concepts and frameworks. Also, it should include a clear definition of project manager roles and responsibilities. Then project management training should cover scope management, schedule management, cost management, and resource management. These, of course, besides quality management, stakeholders management, and communication management. Additionally, the PM training should cover risk management and procurement management. Finally, the training must cover the key knowledge area of project management which is called integration management. What we mentioned in this section are called knowledge areas

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Project management training should also cover the project life cycle and process groups. Understanding the different project life cycles is essential for project managers. Different life cycles require different approaches and methodologies. Thus, a good PM training should automatically involve a clear description and explanation of different life cycles and how to approach them. Also, understanding the different process groups is crucial to understanding project management in general.

Evolution of PM Training Programs

Project management training originally focused on waterfall methodologies only but this lasted from the late 60s to the early 2000s. Ever since then a huge evolution in PM training programs took place and that increased the popularity of Agile project management approaches. Thus, the demand for Agile Project Management Training Programs is popular now as well. The growing popularity of Agile Project Management shifted some attention from waterfall project management. At the same time, waterfall project management didn’t lose its momentum completely since it promotes efficiency. Accordingly, this shift created a new need for mixed approaches. Thus, companies look for project management professionals who have knowledge of both project management approaches. The evolution made many changes concerning the way companies look at project management training.

For a starter, the project manager must have multi-skills to manages different project life cycles. Also, organizations and companies become less focused on adopting a specific methodology and they are now more focused on getting work done. At the same time, achieving efficiency whenever possible requires waterfall planning to take advantage of the predictive nature of some projects. On the other hand, Agile methodologies do not come cheap, it requires more cost wasting some time, resources. However, it offers horizons that can be not achieved by waterfall approaches. Some changes and projects do not have enough clarity for the project team to predict how to carry out tasks. Thus, making waterfall approaches ineffective and putting forward the question: what is the alternative? The right answer for this is Agile project management.

Now the companies are more keen to benefit from both approaches. Thus, most companies prefer PM training that covers both approaches Agile and waterfall.

PMP certification training

What are the important points you must be careful when choosing a PM training?

Now that’s the million-dollar question and to answer this question we have to go back to the basics. We will list down the most important criteria that you can use to evaluate different project management training options. You can use these criteria together to decide the right PM training option. Accordingly, we will base these criteria on the key important points when choosing a project management training.

Training provider’s credibility

It might look obvious still worth mentioning as it’s almost the most important feature. Training provider’s credibility means their wide positive recognition and their reputation of delivering their promises. In addition to this, their connection with knowledge bodies like PMI, Axelos, Scrum Alliance, PMO Global Alliance, American Society of Quality, etc. is crucial. Normally, Registered Education Providers achieve this status through compliance with strict standards the certifying organization set. Thus, being one of the registered providers to any of the globally recognized institutions increases the provider’s credibility. In addition to this factor, reputation among project management professional communities also counts.

Instructor expertise and reputation

The second important and key point for your decision to select the right project management training provider is the expertise and reputation of the instructor. A well known and well-recognized instructor offers you confidence in the offered program. Still, there are additional factors that contribute to the instructor offering confidence in the program. These include their background in terms of experience in project management, their knowledge of different project management practices as well as, their studies, academic background, professional certifications, and memberships.

Curriculum and content outline

Moving on to another key important point which should contribute greatly to your project management training decision. This important point is the program content. As we explained before in this article, project management is a mix of knowledge areas and project has more than one approach for management. Thus, it only makes sense that a good project management training must cover these knowledge areas in addition to covering the different project management approaches. A program outline that covers waterfall and Agile approaches is a good choice that should offer you exactly what you need. However, a program that offers you additional required skills like training for project management tools is even more than just good, it is brilliant. So make sure to select a training program that offers you an integrated bundle of training which includes both approaches and other required skills.

Quality of the content

That one is an obvious one I presume, having content that covers everything is good but having quality issues is far from good. Many providers provide extensive material and content that does not provide proper examples for their material. Some even offer material with key errors in understanding project management knowledge. To be honest that may represent the majority of programs out there all over the internet. So you need to be careful not to fall in the trap of extensive material and content with low quality, because you will be trading quality for quantity. Also, the quality of the media which the content is offered through is also as important so keep that in mind as well.

Student reviews

Now we come to our last criterion here, student reviews. Students are the customers for the training providers they offer you their experience while dealing with the training provider. Thus saving you the burden of going through unpleasant experiences. The collective reviews of students provide you with an immediate insight into how satisfied are the provider students with their learning journey. A feature that allows you to escape poor experience easily and skip those providers with poor reviews. Also, student feedbacks and comments are as valuable as the rating itself or even more. Students usually provide any outstanding or outrageous experience they passed through with the provider. Thus giving you an exact image of what makes the provider good or bad and allowing you to get a full picture of how the experience might look like. You can read more about Project Management Courses.

Project Management Training

Top 10 PM Training Programs

ِAs we explained the meaning of project management and the evolution of project management training, now we come to help you explore the top 10 project management training programs. Thus, we will list down our picks for the top 10 PM training program providers based on the criteria we explained earlier. Accordingly, we will offer you a list of these picks alongside a review of the benefits of each option. Also, we are going to go through the content outline of each program and what they cover. By going through this list we will help you to identify your best option for project management training and to have a good idea of the best available options. Accordingly, you will have sufficient knowledge of the best options out there, thus you can decide which option you should choose.

These options are carefully selected and reviewed at your disposal. We’ve collected them for the sole purpose of providing you with the collective knowledge of options to save your time. Thus we’ve searched for options with the highest review score and the best feedback. In addition to this, we chose the programs with the high quality of content, comprehensive content that covers key project management concepts as well as covering Agile project management and waterfall project management different methodologies. Also, we focused on PM training providers who have a high level of credibility and host top tier project management instructors. This way we ensure the listed project management training programs and providers satisfy the criteria we mentioned earlier.

#1 PM Training Program – Master of Project Academy PM Training Bundle

Master of Project Academy is in the project management training business for years and they have several types of PM training programs. The Master of projects has a well-deserved reputation among its students with very good student reviews. They have waterfall and Agile project management courses such as PMP training and Agile Scrum training. Master of Project Academy PM Training Bundle covers waterfall and Agile PM approaches plus MS Project Training. So, you make sure that you will learn conventional and trending PM techniques during your PM training program. Besides, you will learn how to use MS project step-by-step.

project management education

Bundle details and specifications

The whole bundle is 100% online which makes it a completely self-paced project management training program. The bundle includes 35 self-paced contact hours of Project Management Professional Certification Online Training designed by industry experts. The second course is 10+ contacts hours of self-paced Agile Scrum Certification Training. In addition to the previous courses, a Microsoft Project Training course offers 9+ contact hours which will help you to create realistic project plans. Also, the bundle includes 2,100+ practice questions which can help you to prepare for the PMP certification exam. In addition, it includes 7 complete PMP Certification Sample Exams which will prepare you to the exam. Also, Master of Project offers a step by step project plan creation via MS Project with a real project example. All of this, in addition to PMP and Agile Cheat Sheets and more. You can read more about PMP certification requirements.

PMP® Certification Training – 35 Contact Hours Online PMP Training

The PMP certification training is a gold standard for project management professionals with wide global recognition. It is based on the PMBOK guide 6th edition which covers project management new trends and emerging practices and it provides the concept of tailoring considerations. Also, it focuses on strategic and business knowledge and carefully outlines the role of the project manager. The course also includes a sample PMP practice exam. You can read more about the best PMP training programs.

Agile Scrum Certification Training

The Agile Scrum Certification Training certification training covers Agile Scrum methodology through the Scrum guide. The guide recognizes the knowledge of Agile Scrum principles, practices, tools, and techniques across Agile Scrum methodology. At the same time, it validates the practitioner’s ability to understand and apply basic projects with Agile Scrum principles and practices. This Agile Scrum project management training course covers extensive knowledge of Agile methodologies with deep-dive during 12 contact hours. The course also prepares you for Agile Scrum certification exams with extensive material and Scrum Certification exam simulations.

PMP® Exams & Math Lectures

A dedicated training course for exam hacks and math tips and tricks helps you to prepare for the PMP exam. It deep dives into math equations and their relevant variations hence this course stands out as a masterpiece for PMP certification exam takers.

Microsoft Project® Training – 9 Hours Online MS Project Course

This Microsoft Project training offers the additional skill to your arsenal. Thus, helps you acquire the knowledge and application of the industry’s most popular project management tool. The Microsoft Project training course offers a comprehensive overview of project planning, scheduling and introduces you to different Microsoft Project features.

Additional training courses

The bundle also includes additional two training courses Free PMP® Training and free Agile Scrum Training.

PMP certification training

#2 Project Management Plus Bundle Masters Program – Simplilearn

Another project management training provider we will list here is Simplilearn. Simplilearn offers a group of interesting project management training programs. This training program that we are going to talk about covers both waterfall project management and Agile project management approaches. In addition to this, Simplilearn also offers Microsoft Project training. This satisfies most of the project management training content outline. This allows you to acquire the knowledge for most up to date knowledge for project management training.

The offered PMP Plus Bundle mainly helps you to earn around 60 PDU for maintaining PMI certification active status. Also, it helps to develop the necessary key skills for professional project managers, in addition to improving your knowledge in multiple domains. The courses in this bundle include Project Management, IT Service Management ITIL, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training. In addition to these, it also features Agile training course, Microsoft Project course, as well as Risk Management course.

This program enables you to implement quality to projects and apply the Lean Six Sigma approach as well. Furthermore, understanding Agile approaches and Scrum methodologies and also understanding and applying advanced risk management concepts and strategies. The program has the benefit of being self-paced training as well, so you are able to customize your learning path and pace. This project management training program also offers you access to high-quality virtual classes, e-learning, and real-life case studies. In addition, you can access quizzes at each chapter’s end, full simulation exams, and student community.

PM Plus Bundle Masters Program content covers the following training courses:

Project management professional

The PMP certification training is based on the PMBOK guide 6th edition and it covers both new project management trends and also emerging practices. It has a great emphasis on strategic and business knowledge. This course carefully outlines the role of the project manager.

Agile Scrum Master

This Agile training offers a deep dive and insights into the new trendy and highly popular Agile Scrum methodology. It covers the key concepts of Agile as a project management framework and how to lead project management teams. In addition to the prior, the training allows you to develop and deliver high-quality products.

Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

This certification training course for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt covers the core principles of Lean Six Sigma and how to implement them for quality projects. Also, it integrates lean and DMAIC methodologies through case studies alongside real-life examples. The course aims to polish your skills and application of continuous process improvement.

Microsoft® Project

Intended to offer you the additional skill, this Microsoft Project 2013 Certification Training helps you to acquire the knowledge and application of the industry’s most popular project management tool. The Microsoft Project training course offers a comprehensive overview of project planning, scheduling, resource pooling, and consolidation. Introducing you to how to create customized reporting is another Microsoft Project skill obtained by this course.

ITIL® 4 Foundation

An extensive course over the IT service management popular framework ITIL. The course intends to introduce you to the key concepts and applications of the ITIL framework and prepare you for the ITIL Foundation certification exam.

PMI- RMP® Certification

This training course aims to upskill your knowledge and skills in risk management. The course introduces you to advanced techniques in project risk management. Also, this training course qualifies for PMI- RMP certification exam and prepares you for it.

#3 Project Management Training Bundle Program – Learning Tree

Since projects grow more complex, the need for having well trained and certified project managers became essential. The complexity of the projects is also growing in addition to the need for multi-skilled project management professionals. Accordingly, Learning Tree offers an integrated group of project management training. This bundle includes predictive waterfall project management training and adaptive project management training approaches. In addition, the programs cover Microsoft Project training as well. It also offers a variety of methodologies for both waterfall and Agile approaches. The group of training programs is offered separately through classroom, live online and on-demand learning formats. The project management training is can be scheduled through the Learning Tree’s website where you can select the training date that suits your calendar.

Project Management Training

#4 Project Management Training Bundle Program – Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge is one of the top tier training providers that offer Project Management training programs that include wide content. Although Global Knowledge does not offer a bundle based training program, it still offers different sets of project management training courses. These project management training courses include different waterfall project management approaches in addition to offering different Agile project management training approaches. Still, the training courses are offered separately where you can select the set of project management training courses. Global Knowledge has an amazing reputation of top quality, however, it comes at a high price which is usually not affordable for many people.

Agile project management training

The training courses for Agile include Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner (AgilePM®) and Certified Professional in Agile Project Management (CPAPM). Also, they include packages for training and exams like Certified Scaled Agile Framework Leading SAFe® 5.0 and Certified SAFe® Product Manager / Product Owner Training and Exam in addition to Agile Project Management Foundation (AgilePM®) and Agile Project Management Practitioner (AgilePM®). The Agile training courses also include Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM®). Also, there are other various additional trainings including Agile Overview, Agile Project Management Black Belt /Green Belt, Agile for Teams and Agile User Stories.

Waterfall project management

This category includes project management training courses that cover different project management methodologies. These methodologies include PRINCE2 with its different levels from foundation to practitioner as well as PMI PMBoK 6th edition framework with its different certifications training.

#5 Ultimate Project Management Training Bundle Program – ITU

ITU’s Ultimate Project Management Training Bundle includes both waterfall and Agile project management approaches. In this bundle, you will find Project Management Professional (PMP) and PMI CAPM® Prep based on PMI  PMBOK 6th edition. Also, the bundle includes Agile Project Management courses such as Agile/Scrum, Scrum Master Training. In addition, the bundle also has training for other certifications like Six Sigma Green and Black Belt.
The bundle contains overall 10 training courses with more than 150 contact hours. The 10 courses include the following:

Project Management Professional (PMP) – PMBoK 6th Edition

The key purpose of this training program is to prepare experienced project managers to pass the Project Management Professional certification exam. Thus it heavily emphasizes on the explanation of the Project Management Institute’s best practices for project management. The course is based on Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK® 6th edition. PMP training course provides the student with an understanding of project management key concepts and practical knowledge.

PMI CAPM Prep – PMBoK 6th Edition – Project Manager Certification

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is considered an asset that distinguishes project managers in the job market. At the same time, it enhances their credibility and working effectiveness. It is widely known that organizations with standardized practices attain better results than their peers. This is shown in PMI’s 2015 Pulse of the Profession® report. CAPM® certification provides recognition of its holder knowledge of the project management profession’s global standards.

Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

The Certified Scrum Master certificate helps project teams to properly utilize Scrum thus, increasing the likelihood of the project’s overall success. The Certified Scrum Master understands Scrum’s key values, practices, and applications. Also, the training provides the required level of knowledge and expertise required for Scrum masters in order to become servant leaders. Thus they can help the rest of the Scrum team learn and adapt to the Scrum framework. The Scrum methodology enables self-organizing teams to make changes quickly in accordance with Agile principles.

Other training courses

Additional Agile Project Management, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt and Agile Extreme Programming (XP). Also, the bundle includes service management training courses Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) – Foundation and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) – Service Operation.

PMP certification training

#6 Project Management Training Bundle Program – Career Academy

Career Academy’s Project Management Certification Bundle targets those looking for the improvement of their project management knowledge and skills. The training courses of this program are offered by an online On-Demand Training Bundle. Thus the training bundle aims to guide you through the learning objectives needed for multiple project management certifications. These certifications include the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® and Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exams in addition to the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® certification exam. The Project Management Certification Training Bundle provides you with both project management approaches waterfall and Agile. Career Academy’s project management training bundle includes the following courses:

Project Management Basics

The bundle includes Introduction to Project Management and Project Management Skills for Non-Project Managers. It also offers Project Management Fundamentals and Managing Project Teams training courses.

Project Management Certification Exam Preparation

PMI certification exam preparation training courses is based on PMBOK Guide 6th Edition. These include Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and Project Management Professional (PMP) as well as PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)® Exam Prep. In addition to the standard practices, it also included Quality Management, Schedule & Cost Control, and Scope & Requirements.

Agile Project Management

The training courses bundle include the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Exam Prep. PMI – ACP offers extensive content derived from PMI’s Agile practice standard guide. Thus the curriculum covers a wide spectrum of Agile methodologies and the general concepts of Agile. At the same time, the training courses bundle include SCRUM Immersion as well.

Additional Training Courses

The training bundle also includes Microsoft Project, Strategic Planning Skills and Executive Strategy & Management.

#7 Project Management Training Bundle Program – Courses for Success

The ultimate Advanced Project Management Training Online Bundle includes 5 certificate courses. These courses cover advanced Project Management, Project Management Fundamentals, and Intermediate Project Management. The Project Management Training Online Bundle content includes the following:

Project Management Fundamentals

This training course will help you learn The Basics Of Project Management which can help you get things done at home and at work. This course aims to familiarize its audience with project management’s most common concepts, terms, and practices. Also, the course helps you learn what the project is and the project manager’s roles and responsibilities. In addition, you will learn what is the project life cycle. Additionally, this training course focuses on the conceptual phase of project management, where you identify, prioritize, and scope a project idea.

Intermediate Project Management

Aiming at helping you to achieve “Your Goals Through Project Management”, this course is not just for certain industries or job titles. It is an essential skill for everyone who is expected to complete any assignment that requires budgeting and scheduling. Accordingly, the course provides project management techniques that help you reach your objectives. Also the course focus on the last three stages of the project life cycle organizing, implementation and ending the project.

Advanced Project Management

The third level of this bundle focuses on learning the Advance Skills in Project Management. It is crucial for project managers to hone their management skills in order to achieve success as a project manager. This course focuses on two key areas includes advanced project management techniques like communication plans and status meetings as well as general management skills including building winning teams.

Project Management Training

It is about learning how to “Execute Projects Effectively And Efficiently”. This course equips you with the project management tools you need for effective planning, executing and controlling both small and medium-sized projects. Thus the course goes in-depth through different aspects of project management. Then going through the four stages of the project life cycle: conceptual, planning, execution, and termination. Accordingly, you will learn additional supporting skills, like teamwork, communication, and presentation.

Project Management Training

#8 Project Management Training Bundle Program – Go Skills

Go Skills Project Management Training Bundle contains 10 courses and most of them are related to well-recognized project management certifications. Thus it gives you an opportunity to prepare for earning these Project Management Certifications. This Project Management Bundle offers an opportunity to sharpen your skills and knowledge. Thus it helps you to attract potential employers to your profile and it transforms you into a valuable asset for an IT enterprise. The bundle teaches you the project management fundamentals and best practices and how to apply them. Also, this Project Management training bundle validates your skills plus giving you the required level of expertise for your next career step. The course content aims to allow you to acquire an end to end understanding of project management principles, techniques, and knowledge as well as to help you practice project management in a complex and challenging environment.

The PM training bundle offers you the ability to demonstrate an understanding of PRINCE 2 principles, PRINCE2 processes, and themes. Go Skills Project Management Training Bundle ensures that IT professionals gain the relevant expertise. Also, it helps them advance in their project management career. The training courses cover the project management basics then move onto advanced features. This helps you develop your project management skills in order to apply them in an enterprise or organization. The bundle includes Agile Project Management, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and Prince2 2017 Foundation in addition to Project Management Professional (PMP), Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt. It also includes PMI Risk Management Professional, Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Unix Administration Basics.

#9 Project Management Training Bundle Program –

Like the others, the Project Management Training Bundle program offers a wide range of training courses. These training courses include the following:

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Training

This training is aligned with PMBoK 6th edition, this certification training offers immersive online classes and high-speed self-learning. Expert certification holders helped in designing and developing the curriculum content of this course. To familiarize yourself with the practice, the course challenges you with additional tasks, knowledge, and skills needed for the certification exam. The course helps you develop your initiating, planning, executing, controlling & closing skills to achieve specific objectives. Additionally, the course contains a simulated test with 200 questions and an explanation for each of them. The course consists of 23 hours of actionable video tutorials and 3 PMP Practice certification exam simulations.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification Training

This project management training course covers the PMI offered entry-level certification for project practitioners who didn’t reach 3 years of experience. The course includes 4.5 hours of actionable video tutorials, 3 CAPM Practice certification exam simulations.

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Training Classes

PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) a framework developed by Axelos, is a multidisciplinary and structured project management method. Axelos developed this framework based on experience drawn from various projects undertaken in different companies and organizations. It enhances skills for managing projects, controlling resources and handling risks efficiently. There are two training courses for each level of PRINCE2: foundation level and practitioner level. Each course contains 7 hours of actionable video tutorials and 2 PRINCE2 certification practice exam simulations.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Certification Training

This training course covers the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification. Thus it recognizes the knowledge of Agile principles, practices, tools, and techniques across Agile methodologies. Also, it validates the practitioner’s ability to understand and apply basic projects Agile principles and practices. This course contains 5 hours of actionable video tutorials and 2 PMI-ACP certification practice exam simulations.

PMP certification training

#10 The Complete Project Management Bundle Program – Skill

All companies including big and small count on project managers to assure initiatives success as well as, achieving this success on time and on budget. Thus, a mix of waterfall and Agile project management approaches is required. This Project Management Bundle program contains multiple diverse training courses relevant to project management. Additionally, the course includes setting up projects in JIRA and streamlining pipelines with Agile and Scrum. Skill Success is a hub for learning any skill at your own pace and taking your learning anywhere you go on any device. JIRA is one of the top utilized Agile project management tools across the globe, this makes the bundle valuable for such extensive deep dive. Also exploring JIRA offers you a general view on how Agile methodologies work in real-life practice and lifts your learning from acquiring knowledge to acquiring skills.

The bundle generally includes the following Project Management training courses:

PMP Project Management

The bundle includes an intro to project management to learn about developing, directing and managing a project as well as understanding stakeholders, the project team and project life cycles. This is based on the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge Practice Guide 6th edition. Thus it follows the same content explained earlier with other providers.

Agile Project Management using Scrum Step-By-Step with Examples

This training course provides you with a complete overview of Agile Scrum methodology used in the business workplace. You will also learn facts from real industry experiences and information based on researches. Also, you will understand key Scrum practices including Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Retrospective and Sprint Review.

Product Management: Agile Requirements Using Product Backlog

This course of the bundle aims to allow you to gain an Agile Scrum concise overview, this includes Scrum theory, team, process, etc. Also, it provides you with the opportunity to learn how to manage product backlog, as a member of a Scrum team. Additionally, it helps you understand the concept of user stories and how applying this concept boosts efficiency.

Project Management: Scrum Project Delivery and Deliver On Time

Complementing the prior courses, this course allows you to learn how you can meet deadlines and boost efficiency using Agile Scrum techniques. Furthermore, it allows you to deep dive into concepts and applications of product backlog grooming, task buffering, etc. as well as seeing how checklists can be used to help deliver project value.

Scrum Advanced: Software Development & Program Management

Moving to more advanced Agile techniques this course helps you learn how to manage and run multiple projects with Scrum methods. Thus giving you the understanding of how to explain Scrum to teams, managers and other stakeholders. Additionally, it allows you to review detailed reasons for each Scrum rule and how they can boost efficiency.

Kanban: Productivity & Efficiency For Agile Lean Project

Another Agile methodology like the well known Scrum is Kanban. So this course offers a complete overview of Kanban. Kanban is a workflow-based methodology that focuses more on finished work rather than planning for it. Thus it has great application in lean projects and used widely in constrained resources situations. The course content includes Kanban Origins, how to use Kanban Board, Workflow, study the correct Kanban terminology and how to use it. Additionally, you can learn from real experiences and gained research insights.

Project Management Training

Scrum Certification Prep Training & Agile Scrum Training

This Scrum Certification Prep Training & Agile Scrum Training course covers how to prepare for the Scrum certification exam with a summary of frequently asked questions. Additionally, it will teach you Access Sprint Planning, The Daily Scrum, Sprint Review lectures and you will also dive into the events, roles, rules, and artifacts used to deliver a project.

Setting Up A Real-World Project In JIRA

JIRA setup real project course takes you through learning how to customize JIRA to fulfill your project’s needs and learning about projects. It also helps you to learn about issue types, schemes, workflows, time tracking, etc. Additionally, the course walks you through creating JIRA projects from the early start to the project finish line.

Team Workflows In JIRA

Moving to the next course about JIRA, this one takes you through learning how to build a workflow to allow the development team to send issues to the QA team. It also allows you to learn how to customize JIRA’s Agile boards, understanding workflows & their relation to Agile in JIRA.

JIRA Visual Reference: Issue Administration

The next course covers Issue Types explaining, what they are and how to practice them to projects and dive into Screens, Fields, Issue Features, Issue Attributes. Also, it helps you learn about how to apply workflow schemes to projects and other JIRA features.

Understanding JIRA For Users, Managers & Admins

The final course helps you understand and practice JIRA from user, manager & administrator angles and understand how JIRA makes teams more effective as well as get to know successful actions to take while acting as JIRA administrator.

Summary of Project Management Training

In this article, we have explained what is project management, what are the main approaches of project management and the evolution of project management training. Also, we have discussed waterfall project management and Agile project management. Additionally, we have offered a list of criteria on how to select the right project management training provider. And finally, we have explored in detail the different offerings of project management training bundles and what they should include.

This article journey then concluded by listing down a list of the top  10 project management training bundle programs that fit the early defined criteria. This whole journey aimed to help you get a collective view of the best options you can pick from and then, provide you with insights into what these bundles contain and what value they can deliver. You should be aware of maintaining certification once you obtained it. For instance, you must earn PMP PDU points to retain your PMP certification. Scrum SEU points are required to renew your Scrum Alliance certification.

Overall, the provided list has more than one good option, however, we highly recommend that you focus on those options with great student reviews. Also, it is important that you make sure that the project management training provider is well recognized and has a well-recognized team of instructors. Finally, review the content outline as it’s an important indicator if it’s going to offer you the end-to-end content that you need.

We hope you have enjoyed this journey as we did and we wish you the best of luck in your journey.

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