PMP Application – Step-by-Step Guide for PMP Application

Are you someone who is planning to appear for the PMP exam? If yes, then you have to fill the PMP application form in order to appear for the exam. Hence, are you facing difficulty in filling the PMP application online at the PMI site? If yes then here in this article, we will guide you step by step to fill the PMP application form. This article will help you in filling the PMP application form easily and quickly. Besides, we will explain that if your application falls for audit then what is being done in audit and what you need to do to clear the audit. This will ease your problem of filling the PMP application form and getting clearance from the audit.

PMP Application – Step-by-Step Guide for PMP Application

PMP certification is one of the most popular, recognized and important credential for project management profile in the industry. This certification will help professionals like you in becoming competent in handling projects. Besides, it helps in rising your career graph.

PMP certification helps to familiarize the professionals with the concepts and techniques of effective project management. It addresses the requirements of project managers in project integration, quality, cost, human resources, risk and time. Moreover, it builds up skills in communication management. Hence, going for PMP certification is the right choice as it shows your commitment to the project management profession. Besides, it demonstrates credibility and also allows you to earn higher salaries. Furthermore, it raises your resume above the non-certified professionals, making you confident in handling projects and high market value. In a nutshell, PMP certification is the quickest way for project managers to earn a higher salary, better job opportunities, credibility in the market, better networking, more challenging projects, job security, enhancement in knowledge and skills and last but not the least global recognition.

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As per the latest survey by Project Management Institute, PMP certified individual on an average has 25 % higher salary than non-certified professional.

PMP Requirements You Must Meet Before PMP Application

The first step for applying to the PMP exam is to fill the online PMP application form at site. Now, there are 2 main requirements to be fulfilled before filling the application form for the PMP exam. Hence a candidate has to meet these PMP requirements before applying for the PMP certification exam.

The first and foremost requirement is to have the required education and experience level. Secondly, you need to have a project management education. Now let us understand these requirements in detail:

1. Education and Experience Level

If you hold a four-year degree or global equivalent then

  • You need a minimum of 3 years of unique and non-overlapping professional experience in project management
  • Besides, within the above time period, you need to lead or direct the project for at least 4500 hours


If you hold a secondary degree such as high school diploma or global equivalent then

  • You need a minimum of 5 years of unique and non-overlapping professional experience in project management
  • Besides, within the above time period, you need to lead or direct  the project for at least  7500 hours

Note: Make sure that all the project management experience must have been accrued from the last 8 consecutive years before the submission of the PMP application.

2. Project Management Education

In project management education, you need to document at least 35 contact hours that you have earned from a training program. And the training program should address the learning objectives in project management.

One hour of classroom training equals one contact hour needed to meet this requirement.

It doesn’t matter when you have completed this training. What matters is that all the coursework must be completed at the time of your application.

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PMP Application Step-by-Step

If you satisfy the requirements mentioned above for the PMP exam then you have 2 options to fill the application form. The first option is online mode and the second option is paper-based. We recommend filling application in online mode at since it is faster and also recommended by PMI.

Now we will explain the steps to fill the application form in following headings with a high-level overview of PMP application along with images to make you understand the easy way to fill the application form.

PMP Application Step #1 – Create a PMI Profile

  • Go to and click the ‘Register’ buttonMain Home Page
  • A page will appear for ‘Create an Account’
  • If you already have a PMI username and password then click ‘Login’. Else enter your information to create an account

Create your account-first page

  • Now nter your personal information


  • Select the current job title, the year you were born, total years of full-time work experience, the experience of managing projects that last over 4 weeks, what best describes how you view project management as it relates to your career, does your organization have a PMO or group devoted to project management? And primary organization focus and area of focus are optional fields

  • Now enter the account information like username, password, and confirm password, select a security question and enter the answer for the security question.



  • Now the ‘Create Account’ button will get enabled
  • Click ‘Create Account’ button
  • Now ‘Registration Confirmation’ page appears with a message “Your account is good to go”

Registration confirmation

  • Click on “Go to PMI Home Page”
  • Click on the drop-down next to ‘Certifications’ and click ‘Apply Now’
  • Certification Program page appears

Certification program

  • Click on ‘Apply for PMP Credential’
  • It will take you to ‘PMP Application –Step 1: Application” page

Step1 application

PMP Application Step #2 – Personal Details

 Contact Address

  • Click on ‘Add Home Address’ button under the Address tab
  • Now put your information under ‘Add/Edit’ Address heading like Description, Organization, Country, Address, City, State, Zip/Postal Code


Home address2

  • Click ‘Save’ Button
  • Now your ‘Home’ address will appear with the ‘Edit’ button.
  • If you want to make some change in the address, and then click the edit button and make the changes and click the ‘Save’ button.
  • Now click on ‘Add Work Address’ button
  • A page with ‘Add/Edit Address’ will open
  • Enter all the information under ‘Add/Edit’ Address heading like Description, Organization, Country, Address, City, State, Zip/Postal Code

Work address


  • Click the ‘Save’ button
  • Now both the ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ Address will appear on the page

Work and Home address

  • If you still want to make any changes, you can click the ‘Edit’ button
  • Also, there is an option to delete the details entered in the home and work address. Click ‘Delete’ button if you want to remove the data entered
  • Just go through the data entered in the Home and Work address. If it is ok then click on ‘Save and Continue’ button

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Contact Information

  • Under this tab, you need to enter email address and phone number
  • You must have filled the email address while creating a profile initially. If you have not entered while creating the profile in the beginning then you can enter email ID information now.
  • Click ‘Add E-Mail’ button and Enter E-mail Address and click save button


  • Likewise, Click ‘ Add Phone number’ button and enter information


  • Select Phone Type as ‘Home’, ‘Work’, ‘Cell’ or ‘Fax’. Click ‘Save button’
  • Now both Email Address and Phone Number you have entered will appear on the screen.


  • If you want to make any changes in the information displayed under Email addresses and Phone numbers heading then click ‘Back’, else click ‘Save and Continue’

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Now suppose you are in the middle of filling the application form and now you have to go outside for some work. And you haven’t completed the application yet, so you can just save and logout the screen.

After few days, when you get the time to complete the PMP application then simply log in and go to Certification Types -> Project Management Professional (PMP) and you will see a message “Your PMP application has not been submitted. Click the ‘Submit your PMP Application” button.

  • Certification Program page will appear with ‘Continue working on PMP Application’


  • Click on ‘Continue working on PMP Application’. You will return to the PMP application page

PMP Application Step #3 – Attained Education

  • Under this heading, you need to specify your highest level of education attained at this time
  • There is a question on screen as “Did you graduate from a PMI GAC Accredited University Program?”

Attained education

  • There are 2 options as ‘Yes’ or ‘No’
  • If you click ‘Yes’ then you need to select ‘School/University’ from combo box with listed names and select ‘Degree Program (Valid Accreditation Dates)’ as shown below

  • Select ‘Highest level of education attained’ from combo box with options as ‘Bachelor Degree’, ‘Masters Degree’ or ‘Doctorate’.
  • For ‘Year Degree awarded’, select options from years listed in the combo box
  • For ‘Field of Study’, select options from fields listed in the combo box

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  • Click ‘Save and Continue’
  • If you selected ‘No, I attended another University Program’ then enter the information of ‘School/University’ attended, select ‘Country’ from the combo box
  • Select ‘Highest Level of education attained’ from combo box with options as ‘Bachelor Degree’, ‘Masters Degree’ or ‘Doctorate’
  • For ‘Year degree awarded’, select options from years listed in the combo box
  • For ‘Field of Study’, select options from fields listed in the combo box

AE-no option2

  • Click ‘Save and Continue’

PMP Application Step #4 – Requirements

  • On the PMP Requirements Overview page, you will find instructions to fill Project Management Experience, Required Experience Levels and Project Management Education. Click ‘Save and Continue’

PMP Requirements1



Now Eligibility Worksheet appears. Here, it represents PM Experience Months – Required, Qualified and Still need. Likewise, it represents hours for PM Experience and PM education. In other words, PMP training.

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Eligibility worksheet1

PM Experience

As you have not filled the experience months, experience hours and education hours yet so all hours and months of PM experience and PM Education are shown in “Still Need” hours and “Qualified” hours are zero (0).

Now we need to fill the experience in hours.

Under Requirements heading, 2 options i.e. PM Experience and PM Education appear.

  • Click on PM Experience and Experience worksheet with the ‘Add’ button appears.
  • Click the ‘Add’ button and ‘Add/Edit’ Experience screen gets displayed

Project Information

  • Now enter project-specific information such as Project Title, Select ‘Start Date’, ‘Year’, ‘Through’, ‘Year’, Project Role and Primary Industry as shown in the image below

Experience project 1

  • Click ‘Save and ‘Continue’
  • Now fill the data related to the organization as shown in the image below
  • Enter the organization details as Job Title, Organization Name, Country, Organization Address, State, City, Country Code and Phone Number



  • Click ‘Save and Continue’
  • Enter the organization contact name, contact relationship, email ID, contact person’s country code and phone number

  • Click ‘Save and Continue’
  • Now, In the Add/Edit Experience page, fill the experience hours i.e. hours you have spent in the project by working in respective domain areas like Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing the Project

  • Click ‘Save and Continue’

Project Description

  • Now in this screen of project description, write the Project Objective, Project Outcome, Roles and Responsibility you have in domain areas like ‘Initiating the project’, ‘Planning the project’, ‘Executing the project’, ‘Controlling and Monitoring the project’ and ‘Closing the project’.

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  • Here, under responsibility, initials are used as follows:

IN for Initiating the project

PL for Planning the project

EX for Executing the project

MC for Monitoring and Controlling the project

CL for Closing the project

  • Click ‘Save and Continue’
  • Now Experience Submitted will be displayed with actual hours and qualified hours. If qualified hours and duration don’t match with actual hours and duration then the ‘Add’ button will be enabled and it will show lack of hours and duration in the “Still need” section.
  • Then you need to add another project you have worked on by clicking the ‘Add’ button and enter the required data. Click ‘Save and Continue’
  • Once the Required hours and Duration need matches with actual then the “Add’ button will get ‘Disabled’ as shown in the image below. Click ‘Save and ‘Continue’

  • Here you can see that 2 projects named ‘Charger’ and ‘Micro1’ are added with actual months and hours you have worked in. And all are qualified hours. Also required months were 36 and you have entered 37 months so “Still Need” hours are 0. Likewise, the total hours required for eligibility are 4500 hours as per education mentioned. You have put total experience hours as 4514 hours so it qualifies the requirement criteria. Hence, your experience hours requirement is met as shown in the above image

Another Method for Filling PM Experience

  • Another simple way to fill these hours is to create an Excel sheet and fill the required data beforehand with the column as Project name, From Date To Date, Description, Organization Name, Phone, Address, Reporting Manager Name, Phone no, Email Address, Total Days, Total Hours, Domain areas: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing.
  • Now enter the project 1 with details in columns mentioned.
  • Give the percentage of hours in domain areas such as Initiating: 15%, Planning: 20%, Executing: 30%, Monitoring and Controlling: 25%, Closing: 10%. Then distribute the total hours you have worked month wise in the project in the above domain areas. Similarly, add another project with the required details. Keep on adding projects along with the hours you have spent in the project until the requirement is met.
  • The benefit of creating this Excel sheet is that it saves your time while filling the  application form if you have created it beforehand

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PM Education

On the Education Overview page, it displays the table ‘Education Submitted’ with information such as Total Hours, Required Hours and Still Need. Currently required and still need hours are 35 hours. Because we need 35 hours of Project management education to qualifying criteria of the PMP exam. You must be careful when choosing your PMP training.


  • Click the ‘Add’ button to add the required information.
  • Now Enter the Information like ‘Course Title’ which means training course name you have attended, ‘ Institution Name’ means training company or organization which conducted this course or training, Course Start Date and Course End Date, Hours required i.e. 35 Hours and Qualifying hours means no of hours you attended this training or course

  • Click ‘Save and Add’ button
  • Now Education Overview Page appears where Course details along with hours are displayed for education submitted. Here now the ‘Add’ button will get disabled. Because you have already put a number of hours required hence you have met the requirement

  • If you have not put the required number of hours then click the ‘Add’ button. You can add multiple training or course details where you have earned contact hours until the requirement is met.
  • If you want to make any change, click the ‘Back’ button and make changes and then click the ‘Save’ button. Else, click ‘Save and Continue’ button

Optional Information

Now page appears with ‘Optional Information’ heading.

  • For primary referral source, you need to select from options i.e. ‘Employer required’, ‘Employer Suggested’ and ‘Personal Development’.
  • Then for the question “Have you taken a Certification preparation course presented by a PMI Chapter? You have to select either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from the combo box
  • Click ‘Save and Continue’ button

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Now a page appears with ‘Certificate’ as the heading

  • Here, you need to enter the name exactly you want to appear on the certificate next to ‘Name on certificate’ text once you pass the PMI exam. It is not mandatory that it matches the government-issued ID.
  • Click ‘Save and continue’ button
  • Then a confirmation page appears where you need to confirm that this is the name you would like to appear on your certificate

  • If you find it correct then click ‘Save and continue’ else click the ‘Back’ button and it will take to the previous page where you can change the name you want it to appear on the certificate. Then click ‘Save and Continue’ button


  • Now a page appears with heading as ‘Agreement’

  • Here PMI Certification Application/Renewal Agreement is specified.
  • Click a checkbox with the caption as “I Agree”
  • Click ‘Save and continue’ button

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PMP Application Step #5 – Review & Submit

Now a page with ‘Review and Submit’ heading appears with all the sections or category you have filled in the application form and status for corresponding section or category

Here, you will see all categories with status marked as ‘Completed’ along with tick mark symbol encircled in green colour.

Now click on the checkbox “All information that I have provided is accurate and complete”

Besides, you can view the final application by Clicking ‘Download Application’ on the ‘Review and Submit’ screen. PMP application in PDF format will get displayed at “”. And you can view the final version of the PMP application before submitting the final information. You can save this application to your system or print it using options given.

  • Click the ‘Submit Application’ button
  • Then a warning message appears stating that “All application information is final. Continue’

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Click ‘OK’ and the page appears with “Application Submitted’.

  • Click on the ‘Return to Overview’ button and overview page with the message as “You have submitted your PMP application”. Also, if you have not downloaded the PMP  application form at the time of submitting then there is another place to download the application form. Here, you can click the ‘Download Application’ and application form will be saved to your system.

What happens if my application form is incomplete?

  • Now there could be a scenario where all categories are not mentioned with status as ‘Completed’. Here Requirements and PM Experience sections are marked at “Incomplete”.


Under the heading ‘Incomplete Requirements Detailed Summary’, you will see all process groups marked in ‘Red’ colour and they are marked in red colour because these process areas are identified as having zero total hours.

  • Now click ‘here’ mentioned below in the text marked in red color to fill additional hours for these process groups in the requirement section of the application.
  • Now you need to fill experience hours in the same way mentioned above in Step 4: Requirements section. That means you need to enter the number of hours spent in each of the process groups. The information entered in experience hours will be reflected in your eligibility worksheet. Once you have fulfilled the requirement, then it won’t allow for additional entries.

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What should I do if my PMP application hits the audit?

PMI (Project Management Institute) is a world-leading institute for project management. Hence, it takes a lot of consideration to scrutinize the applications for the PMP certification exam.

PMI Audit process is a very simple process that asks for confirming the details of eligibility criteria which you have filled in the application form against the documentation and signatures of concerned authorities.

In steps to apply for the PMP exam, once you make the payment then the PMP application goes for audit. It becomes quite confusing as to whether the application form is being rejected or PMI found some inaccurate details? But don’t get puzzled. Here PMI is just asking you to provide rightful documentation along with the details furnished in the application form.

Steps of PMI Audit process

The first and foremost step is to fill the application form as per the steps mentioned above. Secondly, once the PMP application form is complete then you submit the application to PMI for verification and approval. It takes roughly 5 days for the PMP exam application to be approved. Thirdly, you need to make payment of PMP exam fees

Once you pay the PMP exam fees, then PMI sends you an email. An email can be for 2 different things.

  • Either PMI approves the application. That means it gives the go-ahead signal and you can schedule the exam. Then you can appear for the exam and get certified.
  • Or your PMP application has come under audit. The audit is a random process to pick the application form so don’t panic. It just requires you to confirm your eligibility details with required evidence duly attested by senior or reporting manager.

The purpose of the PMI audit

The purpose is to keep the reputation and quality of certifications endorsed by PMI.

  • PMI allocates 90 days to complete this process.
  • Hence, if your PMP application goes for audit then you need to collect all the documentary evidence i.e. education details, contact hours or experience certificate.
  • You will receive a PDF with all the details filled in via email. You need to get the signature from the reporting manager. Then prepare a packet and send it to the address mentioned in the email.
  • Once they receive this packet and they roughly take 5-6 days to verify. Hence when they are done with the audit, you will receive an email stating that you can schedule the exam and appear for the exam.

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During the course of an audit, PMI verifies following:

  • Firstly, it verifies project management experience
  • Secondly, PMI verifies formal education.
  • Thirdly, it verifies 35 contact hours of project management education.

Steps to verify project management experience are:

  • A reporting manager or senior person or supervisor who has knowledge of the experience on your application is required to review and then complete the “Project Management Experience Audit Report”.
  • Once they complete the form, they are required to place the Project Management Experience Audit Report in an envelope.
  • Sign his/her name over the sealed flap of the envelope and return the envelope to you via in person or by postal mail.

Note that PMI doesn’t accept faxed or scanned forms and they don’t accept incomplete submissions either.

 Step to verify attained education

  • Applicant must include a certificate, transcript or diploma from the school with which you earned your degree.

Step to verify 35 contact hours of project management education

  • The applicant needs to provide documentation demonstrating the successful completion of each course submitted which meets the requirements of 35 hours of project management education. You must include a certificate, transcript, or letter of attendance from the company, REP (Registered Education Provider), school or institute that provided the training.


PMP certification is the most prestigious certification in the field of project management. It is the quickest way for project managers to rise in their careers and avail numerous benefits. The best way to fill the PMP application form is online mode. It is faster and easier as compared to paper-based applications. You need to meet the education, experience and project management education requirement in order to apply for the PMP exam. PMI does the PMP audits on a random basis to maintain the credibility of PMP exams endorsed by PMI. They verify eligibility criteria against documentation and the signature of the concerned authority.

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