When studying for the PMP exam, it is important that you assess your knowledge given in the PMI’s PMBOK guide. Since the content in the PMBOK is quite large, it is hence equally important that you also memorize the concepts, terminologies, and important ITTOs, to make the PMP exam easy for you. So, how will you ensure that you have memorized well and have a good understanding of the project management concepts given in the PMBOK?  There are PMP exam simulators available for this purpose, which let you practice thousands of real-like questions and using which you verify the level of your knowledge about the content given in the PMBOK book. Thus, in this article, we will give you the options so that you can choose the best PMP exam simulator for your PMP prep process.

We have reviewed the top five PMP exam simulators in the market:

  • Master of Project Academy PMP Exam Simulator
  • PM Prepcast PMP Simulator
  • Rita FASTrack PMP Simulator
  • EduHubSpot PMP Exam Simulator
  • PM Training Simulator

Best PMP Exam Simulator

The more you practice with a good pool of PMP exam questions, the better you can score in your PMP exam. You need to make sure that you are confident enough when faced with questions about project management from the PMBOK guide. To gain that confidence, you need to utilize the best PMP exam simulator. The best simulator is the one that has quality practice questions, lets you do several tests, is cost worthy and also easy to use.  You should practice all the available questions, read the correct answers with the provided explanations to fully evaluate as well as enhance your knowledge about PMBOK’s project management concepts.

Best PMP Exam Simulator

Best PMP Exam Simulator

We have reviewed the best PMP exam simulators in the market and made a detailed comparison of each. We have evaluated the best PMP exam simulators based on five criteria:

  • Quality of questions
  • Number of questions/test
  • Answer rationales provided
  • Is a free demo available?
  • Pricing

Based on our comparison of the PMP exam simulators, the following is the high-level comparison of the best PMP exam simulators. You can find the details of each PMP exam simulator in the following headings.

 Master of Project AcademyPrepcastRita Fast TrackEduHubSpotPM Training
Quality of questionsPerfectSuboptimalAbove averageAveragesubpar
Number of questions/test1,600 questions / 9 Tests2100 questions / 5 Tests 1600 questions 1600 questions1000 questions / 30 tests
Answer rationales providedYesYesYesYesYes
Is a free demo available?YesYesYesYesYes
Pricing$57/month $177/lifetime$139/3 months$259/6 months Or $299/12 months$14.99/200 questions test / 3 months. 5 tests separately purchased$68/3 months
Overall Rating4.

Based on these categories, we have reviewed the top 5, best PMP exam simulators, we rated them on a 0-5 scale. We also provided insights about each option. Review the options and opt for the best PMP simulator for you.

#1 Master of Project Academy PMP Exam Simulator


The first in our list of best PMP exam simulators is the Master of Project Academy PMP Exam Simulator. This simulator stands out among all other best PMP Exam simulators, especially when it comes to pricing. You can choose to buy the online exam subscription for a minimum of a one-month duration. Compared to other best PMP exam simulators, you have to make the purchase for a minimum of 3 months, and for Rita Fast Track, the minimum subscription is for 6 months. Read our full Master of Project Academy PMP Exam Simulator Review.

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The Master of Project Academy PMP Exam Simulator costs only $45 a month or if you invest only $100 more, you will get lifetime access to the simulator. Furthermore, no other simulator offers a lifetime subscription. So this is another advantage of choosing the Master of Project Academy PMP Exam over others.

When studying for the PMP certification, you should consider the price for the PMP Exam, which is US$555. If you also add the price of the PMP Exam simulator, it might become considerably pricey. However, if you choose to purchase Master of Project Academy PMP Exam Simulator, you will only add $45 a month or $145 for unlimited access to your PMP Exam study costs.

User Interface & Features

The Master of Project Academy PMP Exam Simulator is available online. After purchasing the subscription, instant access to the simulator becomes available to you. Using the simulator does not require you to have technical skills. In other words, you do not need to install or configure before using it as for the desktop software.

Best PMP Exam Simulator

The list of questions is listed vertically on the web page. You can easily scroll through the questions as you go through each of them. The questions and the answers are displayed in a bold and prominent font so it is easy for anyone to read the text. Especially the visually impaired persons can read the questions and answers without putting a strain on their eyes.

Choosing the correct answer is done with the mouse click. You will click on the slider button and it will select your answer, as shown in the image below:

To display the result of your assessment, you will click on Finish and the result will be displayed. Moreover, all your questions that you had attempted will also be displayed with correct answers and rationales, as shown in the image below.

Quality of Content

The questions in the simulator are real exam-like questions. These are entirely based on PMBOK. You will not find any irrelevant content in there, nor will you find any grammar or spelling mistakes in the text. Moreover, the given answers and the rationales are very easy to follow and help you understand the subject more.

The user reviews on the Master of Project website confirms the very good quality of the questions available in the simulator. One user of the simulator wrote:

“After completing my PMP training, I wanted to practice sample questions and was looking for these on the web. I had found many free and paid resources but I didn’t find any as comprehensive as Master of Project Academy’s PMP Exam Simulator. The best part of the simulator is when you had a wrong answer, you can check the rationales and find what you did wrong. This is the best PMP exam simulator indeed..”

Hence, it becomes further clear that the Master of Project Academy sells the best PMP exam simulator.

Best PMP Exam Simulator

Prepcast PMP Simulator


Another in our list of best PMP exam simulators is the Prepcast PMP simulator. You can read our full PM Prepcast PMP Simulator Review

For $139, you can buy a subscription of 3 months. Once you have used it for 3 months if want to use it for more time, you will need to pay for another 3-month subscription. There is no monthly subscription available so this is one disadvantage to this pricing scheme. The good bank of questions that you will get for this price is justified though.

User Interface & Features

The Prepcast simulator opens in a small window on the web page and shows one question at a time. The font used in the simulator is small and it may be difficult for visually impaired persons to read the text easily.

You can mark the questions for later review and when the exam is finished, answers are displayed with explanations. Relevant reference to PMBOK for further details is also provided with each answer.

There are three exam modes in the simulator. One mode shows hints when you’re doing questions and there is no time limit in the test. The other mode also shows hints but is time-limited. Finally, the third mode simulates the real-like PMP exam user experience. There is also a separate exam only on ITTOs, so this is a good feature if you want to assess only your ITTO knowledge.

Best PMP Exam Simulator

Quality of Content

The overall quality of the questions in Prepcast is appreciable but is a little less than perfect. User reviews suggest that the questions have good explanations given against each of them and going through them does help you in the last stage of your PMP exam preparation. But some users suggest the contrary. Their reviews say that many questions are not the same questions that you will see on the actual PMP exam, as they are not entirely from PMBOK.

Overall, the Prepcast PMP Exam simulator is worth your money and it can be considered as an option when choosing between the best PMP exam simulators. 

Rita Fast Track


Rita Fast Track, with all its pros, comes with a hefty price tag of $259 (6-month subscription) or $299 (12-month subscription). There is also no option to purchase with a lower fee for a fewer number of months. This is a big downside of Rita Fast Track, which may push one away from its purchase. Even though the quality of the overall product is above average, perhaps its price is too high for many PMP aspirants. You can see our detailed review on Rita PMP Exam Simulator – PM FASTrack Review post.

Comparing the price of Rita Fast Track with Master of Project Academy PMP Exam Simulator, you can get the latter for $145 for a lifetime subscription. If you go for the 12-month subscription of Rita Fast Track, you will be paying $299 ($54 more!)

User Interface & Features

Rita Fast Track has a full-page web interface and the questions are displayed in a neat layout. You will find one question on the screen at a time. Then you will click the next button to move onto the next question. This consumes not only some time while navigating through the questions, but you also don’t get a chance to see what other questions you can quickly skip to if you ever want to.

On the user interface, you will find extra buttons for highlighting text that you want to focus on and also for striking through the text, to strike what is unneeded. When you finish your test, the result too is displayed neatly, with answers and explanations. Furthermore, you will find a graphical report too for your test.

Fast Track is advantageous for Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese speaking people. Also as the questions and answers are available in these languages too.

Best PMP Exam Simulator

Quality of Content

There are 1600 questions available for practice in Rita Fast Track. The questions are of good quality. Although some user reviews say that some questions in the simulator are not directly relevant to what is taught in the PMBOK. It may be because Rita Fast track is there for a very long time and they might not have properly updated all the questions according to the latest PMBOK edition.

When you are reviewing your questions at end of the test, the Fast Track simulator shows you the correct answers, gives explanations, and also references to PMBOK and Rita’s PMP Exam Prep book where you can go to find more details. Furthermore, you can also see how you scored separately, in each Knowledge Area.

EduHubSpot PMP Exam Simulator


The EduHubSpot PMP Exam Simulator has a very different pricing scheme than other PMP exam simulators. You are offered to purchase test modules, and each module contains 200 random questions. You can buy as many modules as you want. There is a total of four modules available and also there is one separate module, which contains 275 questions for all Knowledge Areas.

Each purchase of the module grants you access to questions for 3 months and each module costs $14.99. There is an advantage in this pricing scheme that you can buy the number of questions that you only need.

User Interface & Features

The user interface of the EduHubSpot exam simulator comprises a single question layout and one question can be seen on the screen at a time. The content on the screen is placed in a simple fashion. It is easy to navigate to the next questions. You can mark the question for later review and can also pause the test timer if needed.

When starting the test, you have the option to take the test by a particular Knowledge Area. Or you take the test by the available modules, which comprise random questions. When you finish the test, the scorecard shows you your score by each Process Group as well as by other groups such as ITTO, Math, Professional Responsibility.

There isn’t catchy stuff that you will find on the EduHubSpot PMP exam simulator but for the price that you will pay, what you are getting is justified.

Quality of Content

There are very mixed reviews on the Internet about the quality of the questions, answers, and explanations in the simulator. However, the majority of the users find the quality of the questions just average. Some users say the questions are the same as they’ve seen in the real exam. Whereas some users found the questions not aligned with the PMBOK. Therefore, you will need to decide carefully before making the decision to purchase this simulator.

Best PMP Exam Simulator

PM Training Practice Exams


The last one in our list of the best PMP Exam simulators is PM Training Practice Exams. This one has a price tag of $68, and for this price, you get access to 1000 questions, for 3 months. The price is not high but you must consider the other factors before finalizing this simulator, such as the quality of questions, which very much contribute towards the value that the simulator provides to you.

User Interface & Features              

When you start the simulator, it opens up in a new but small window. The question and the answer options, most of the time, do not fit in the window. So you need to scroll down to see all the answers, and the next and previous buttons. This makes the user interface not a very friendly one, since you have to use the scroll bar to see the complete content on the screen.

You have two options when attempting the test. With one mode, you simply go through the questions and see the result. The other mode allows you to see the answer and the explanation for each question as you go. There is also a ‘whiteboard’ feature that lets you write notes and make math calculations in a separate window. The exam simulator also lets you save the test and resume anytime later from where you left it. These are some of the good options in this simulator.

You get in the simulator 10 Knowledge Area tests and 20 tests comprising random PMP exam questions. These are a good number of tests, however, being not able to get enough questions in a single test is also a little annoying since you have to start many tests separately to practice the questions.

Quality of Content

The quality of the questions available in this simulator is about average. Some user reviews suggest that some questions in the simulator have errors as though they had not been proofread. There are also grammar and spelling mistakes, some users reported. Nonetheless, if you don’t care much about these errors, and want just the list of questions, answers, and explanations, at a low price, this simulator would fulfil your needs.

Free PMP Exam Simulator Options

There is nothing free in the world so are the practice questions and the PMP Exam simulator. When you are investing $555 for the PMP exam fee, investing some more money to ensure you pass the PMP exam cannot be a waste of money. Rather, we highly recommend you practice PMP exam questions, in addition to your study, before you finalize your exam preparation.

Therefore, buying a comprehensive and the best PMP exam simulator is definitely a wise choice. We have described above the best PMP exam simulators that you can choose to buy for your PMP exam preparation. All the best PMP exam simulators listed above offer a free demo exam, which you can try first and then decide which simulator to buy.


When looking for the best PMP exam simulator on the Internet, you must evaluate the best ones before you buy them. In this post, we have reviewed 5 best PMP exam simulators so that you can easily decide which is the best PMP exam simulator for you and which one to buy.

Remember, when choosing the best PMP Exam simulator, you must look for many things offered by the simulator such as the number and quality of questions, whether it provides answers with rationales or not, ease of use, and of course its price tag.

The best PMP exam simulator does not necessarily have to be the most expensive simulator on the market. If the simulator is selling for a very high price, it may be due to the high development cost of the seller. The first thing that you must not comprise is the quality of the questions. Then the other criteria to choose the best PMP exam simulator must be secondary.

Best PMP Exam Simulator

We listed above in the table the 5 best PMP exam simulators, and also gave them rankings and explained how each of these is in terms of price, quality of content, the number of features, and ease of use. The topper among the 5 best PMP exam simulators that we have discovered is the Master of Project Academy PMP Exam Simulator, which offers a perfect bank of questions and when it comes to its price, it will not be heavy on your pocket, too.