PMP book, what is it and how can it help you obtain a PMP certificate? Have you ever wondered what a PMP certificate is? What benefit and importance does the PMP certificate offer?

If those questions came across your mind, you need to read this article to understand the context of the PMP book as many project management practitioners show interested in obtaining a PMP certificate. In addition to that, companies usually distinguish between those project managers who have obtained certification from their peers.

What is the PMP certification?

PMP Certificate is an abbreviation for The Project Management Professional Certificate. The Project Management Institute (PMI) designed the PMP certificate for professionals who meet certain criteria for education and experience. As you may know, there is a number of requirements that professionals must meet before they can apply for certification. After PMI accepts and approves the application, the certificate applicant must pass a lengthy and comprehensive examination. So you can become a certified project manager.

Although this type of certification is not mandatory for most professions and company positions, it has a wide recognition that improves reliability and promotes any appeal. PMI developed its well known PMP certification to offer a project management standard which includes various industries and locations. Getting a PMP certification is one of several ways that a project management practitioner can showcase his ability and dedication to their career for a target or current employer.

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What should we expect from a PMP certification holder?

Practitioners who fulfilled the application process and passed the examination successfully should be highly knowledgeable with project management concepts. In addition to that, they should have an understanding of challenges and a common vocabulary of project management. Most of the project managers’ key skills are common between different industries. Accordingly, certified practitioners should have the right preparation for various scenarios and results. Also, certificate holders should have significant experience in project management.

Minimum PMP application requirements

People interested in taking the PMP exam to become certified must meet one of two sets of strict pre-requisites. Applicants must have at least 7,500 hours of project management experience in addition to 35 hours of related education. Or they have to obtain a four-year degree with 4,500 hours of pilot projects and 35 hours of project management training.

In order to begin the process, applicants must log in to the PMI website and provide their personal information as required. There are also application fees for PMI members and non-members alike, although membership reduces the cost significantly. You can find more information about current requirements and fees on the official PMI website. You can read more about PMP certification cost.

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Preparation for the exam

Many people seeking a PMP certification devote weeks or months to pre-test study to ensure they have covered the key topics of the course. The test is divided into five sections: project initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring, and closure. The test currently includes 200 questions from multiple options covering a wide range of topics, including ethics issues and conflict resolution.

Maintain your certification

Professionals who pass the test and obtain their certificate need to keep up with the requirements of continuing education in order to keep their status. Certificate holders must complete 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) in each three-year period to maintain their qualifications. PDUs can be gained through a variety of activities, including public speaking, full-time project management responsibilities, and essay writing for publication.

Is this certificate suitable for you?

Project management skills are applicable in almost any business environment and can be a great way to increase an organization’s personal value. Individuals who meet the requirements must consider obtaining the certificate if they wish to focus their career on project management or leadership. The PMI has thousands of members in various countries and their professional project management certification is globally recognized.

Should I follow PMBOK during my PMP study?

The project management knowledge in line with the PMI framework is fully described in the “Project management body of knowledge” also known as PMBOK. In fact, the value of this standard project management guide goes beyond just being a reference to you. PMBOK is essential for understanding project management standards and Project Management knowledge remains incomplete without this PMP book. But the fact is, it is not a must to fully study PMBOK itself to fully understand the project management framework. However, following a comprehensive PMP prep training is important. In most cases, you can follow a PMP book as supplementary material.

What is PMBOK?

PMBOK means “Project Management Knowledge Book”. It is issued by the famous Project Management Authority, PMI. If you are a project management aspirant preparing for PMP certification, this guide will help you. This PMBOK Guide is a valuable tool for those studying for a PMP certification. It helps uncover the standard project management process. This PMBOK Guide covers all the ten important areas of knowledge such as Integration Management, Domain Management, Time Management, and Cost Management and so on.

Why is “PMBOK” necessary?

Understanding the importance of the PMBOK Guide is really essential if you are stepping into the most popular project management field. Why is that?

1) A unified process across different departments allows companies to experience better performance and transparency. This is best achieved through PMBOK Guidance Practices as it is a set of global best practices in project management in various industries.

2) The PMBOK Guide documents what works best in project management. The documented methods will assist project managers to make better decisions, especially in situations of uncertainty, for example, how to manage project-related risk management.

3) A common system would definitely facilitate the workflow that was greatly achieved through the practice of PMBOK. This helps project managers work with this standard methodology across different companies.

The PMBOK Guide is not only a valuable guideline for the practice of project managers but also for the company to standardize the project management methodology. PMP certification is completely dependent on PMBOK. The advantage of obtaining PMP certification is that you are trained on these global best practices, allowing you to manage the project more successfully.

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When the project manager is familiar with PMBOK standards, he assures that he/she can customize the project management process to suit the needs of their organization. Investing your valuable time in learning the PMBOK Guide will not only enhance your career but also allow you to set your priorities to deal with these important projects. Despite all the above features about PMBOK, there are many aspirants who do not prefer studying this PMP book, as there are disadvantages of PMBOK.

This makes us wonder about the disadvantages of PMBOK:

The PMBOK language is difficult and uses an academic way, which makes understanding its purpose difficult and complicated for the learner. Usually, the learner needs explanations for many of the rules and principles found in the book. Therefore, many students choose to take training courses on PMBOK instead of studying this PMP book itself. This is a result of the fact that training provides the necessary explanation of the rules and principles. Also, it provides many applications necessary to understand these rules. This makes it easier for learners to understand it. It is not a must-follow PMP book. Following a comprehensive PMP prep training is more important. You can follow a PMP book as supplementary material.

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Should I follow a PMP book during my PMP study?

ِThere are a variety of PMP books spreading across different channels. These PMP books can help learners during their study for the exam. Although many of these PMP books are helpful, it is not a must to use a PMP book for your study. On the other side, it remains important to have a guided PMP preparation training and use the PMP book as supporting material. Before going through different PMP book options, we will first go through the source of PMP knowledge to give you a clear view of the source of all PMP book options.

What are the preparation books for PMP?

They are books based on PMBoK, but they are more used than PMBoK since their language is usually easier. Also, they tend to be less complicated than PMBoK. They also contain many applications, explanations. In addition to that, they feature models that help the learner to understand and grab the information.

What are the top 10 introductory PMP books? What are the choosing criteria?

We also explained previously that the PMP exam relies on PMBOK which is a huge source of information that sets the standards for what the project manager needs to know. And PMBOK is updated regularly, so exam prep books should also be updated. To get the best chance to pass a PMP exam, it is a must that you purchase a PMP introductory book that reflects the current standards as outlined in the PMBOK.

Criteria for selecting the right PMP book

The range of knowledge needed to pass the PMP exam should be included in any PMP book. There are many points to consider when shopping for a prep book that works best for you.

Ease of language

The easier PMP book is, the closer they are to the learner since PMP books that use complex language and difficult academic explanations are difficult to understand.

Learning style

PMP book which offers a light and exciting approach may be what you need in order to click everything in its place. Or diagrams and illustrations that are enhanced with puzzles and quizzes can be what makes you get a passing score on the first try. Others may prefer to provide dry information. Your PMP book must fit your favorite learning style.

Topics covered

The PMP exam covers 10 areas of knowledge and many ITTOs (input, tools, technology, and output). If you need a comprehensive study guide, then this is a much different book from a book that focuses only on practice tests. Make sure that the PMP book you are considering covers all the subjects you need to study.

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You can spend less than $10 or more than $100 on a PMP book. The main difference is in the coverage. In the end, you will find targeted books that focus on a small area of knowledge, which may be all you need. At the higher end, you can purchase a comprehensive course, most likely by accessing online additional training material. However, the range from $40 to $60 is where most people will find the PMP prep book they need.

Top 10 PMP Prep Books

#1 PMP Book – PMP Prep Book by Master of Project Academy

Most of the PMP books you can find have coverage of theoretical project management knowledge with ould fashioned teaching methods. If you compare this book to the others in the market, you will find about its unique characteristics. This is because the content of PMP® Prep Book by Master of Project Academy has been organized like a real project.

You will be able to see the practical implications of theoretical knowledge when studying PMP exam content. This will help you better understand the nuances of the PMP exam material. PMP Prep Book by Master of Project Academy will assist you in your first attempt to pass the PMP test.

The unique features of the PMP ® Prep Book by Master of Project Academy are as follows:

– Real-life project examples
– 100+ Must-to-Remember Master Points for the PMP® Exam
– 100+ Flash Cards – Mapping Practice for important concepts
– 500+ PMP®  Practice Questions – Answers & Detailed Rationales
– 550+ Pages PMP eBook PDF downloadable right after your purchase!

Furthermore, you to review the PMP Prep Book before your purchase. Because unlike the other PMP book providers, Master of Project Academy provides a sample free PMP book for you.

#2 PMP Book – Rita Mulcahy PMP book

Rita Mulcahy composed this book with an unconventional tone that makes you think she is talking to you properly. When taking the test, you almost imagine that Rita is right behind you and makes sure you stay alert. It’s great. The classes in the PMP book are aligned with the PMBOK and the questions at the end of the chapters are very similar to the exam. It is nicely organized with great visual tools and clear markings for the key points you need to know for the exam. This book is a great resource for both CAPM and PMP aspirants.

#3 PMP Book – How to Transfer Your First Experiment, Fourth Edition by Andy Crowe

Use this book to master earned value measurements. Learn the equations in the PMP book and you’ll get all the math you will need to know for the test. This book also contains a card that provides you with web access to InSite by Velociteach. It is a website where you can view algebra formulas and complete the earned value exercises. You will find either A or Group B test questions that are effective and direct. The system works just like the actual test.

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#4 PMP Book – Head First PMP Book

A brain-friendly guide to passing the PMP Exam of Jennifer Green and Andrew Stillman. Reading this PMP book first allows you to break the barrier between you and PMP. More than a workbook with engaging and fun exercises, it connects you directly with its bizarre but really effective writing style. It is full of pictures, examples, and tests for progressive self-assessment. All the essentials that you will need for your test are included in this book. The fun you have doing in all activities and reading stories really makes the information great. This is a huge advantage, especially for people who don’t like dry materials. Visually, it looks like a third-grade textbook and does a good job of making you understand the process.

#5 PMP Book – Professional Exam Study Guide by Kim Hildman

If you are looking for a PMP book to help you get your passing score on the PMP exam, but you can still enjoy reading, this is it. You’ll love the way the author organizes this PMP book by sequencing information in real life, below the process groups. Some authors explain the processes along with the knowledge areas, crossing the sets of operations. However, the information hierarchy here makes reading more real and fun. This PMP book can be the key to your success by the way it introduces and repeats major themes in the context of the entire book.

#6 PMP Book – The PMP Exam: Quick Reference Guide Test Prep series by Andy Crowe

If you don’t have time to study on the PMP exam, get the PMP Exam: Quick Reference Guide. The people here did a great job summarizing the key points you need to know to pass the test. It’s a good idea to be able to use the quick reference guide right before taking the exam. Because it helps you to focus on the key information for review. This pre-test book is durable, convenient, and affordable. Your time is a valuable resource. If you are following your PMP project then this reference guide is definitely worth your money.

#7 PMP Book – PMP Certification All-In-One: Desk Reference For Dummies by Cynthia Snyder Stackpole

You will say thank you to Cynthia Stackpole for creating this book after you pass the PMP exam on your first try. The information presented here is uniquely arranged in a way that you do not process it directly through PMBOK, but rather through the functional way projects are supposed to work. You can instantly understand the information because it is well-established and follows a logical arrangement. This way, it ensures familiarity with the PMP processes and the materials needed to obtain your certification. It’s worth the cost and time to read this and take useful test questions.

#8 PMP Book – PMP Practice Makes Perfect PMP Book

This PMP Book contains over 1000 PMP Practice Questions and Answers and it is written by John Estrella, Charles Duncan, Sami Zahran, and James Haner. Also, it is very handy in helping you review your knowledge and maintain your focus on the topics that need to be strengthened. The test is very similar to the contents of this PMP exam preparation book that provides specific value for your money. It’s similar to the actual exam in terms of the level of difficulty, scope, and drafting, and this book will also be a great supplement to all your other materials.

#9 PMP Book – CAPM/PMP Project Management by Joseph Phillips

You will find the information in this PMP book to be comprehensive and easy to read. You will start to gain more and more confidence. The frustration and anxiety that you initially felt will start to fade, making the exam seem like a more manageable task. The author keeps the reader engaged through writing and coordination style. This edition accomplishes to arrange the intensive information in the PMBOK into a more manageable format.

#10 PMP Book – All-in-One PMP Exam Prep Kit – Test Prep series by Andy Crowe

This product makes those hours you study for PMP, less difficult. It’s a great package that has everything you need to pass the PMP test. It is well organized, it explains the important aspects of each area of knowledge and process well. It also contains tests with 20 questions about the topics at the end of each chapter. You will have a full sample exam of 200 questions as well. The PMP preparation book offers a great opportunity for those who already understand the concepts and standards to test their understanding and practice exam questions. Although it is very beneficial for the semi-ready students it does not benefit those who seek to understand the framework as much.


We have discussed the PMP books for PMP exam preparation. Also, we have discussed the top ten PMP books going through how you should select your pick for the PMP book for your preparation. We have explained the difference between PMBOK and other PMP exam preparation books. Also, we described the criteria you can use to select the best PMP exam preparation book that suits you. These criteria included ease of language, learning style, topics covered and price. Accordingly, you can use these criteria to make the right selection.

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In addition, we explored our picks for the top 10 PMP exam preparation books offering you the best available PMP exam preparation books in the market. Starting by the PMP Prep Book by Master of Project Academy and moving through other PMP exam preparation books offered by famous authors like Rita Mulcahy, Joseph Phillips ad Andy Crowe. Now It is up to you to make your mind which PMP exam preparation book you will choose!