Project Management PrepCast PMP is an OSP International LLC training offering, which is a provider started in 2006 in Orange, California, USA. OSP International LLC is a Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider that coaches project managers to prepare for their PMP exam.

Cornelius Fichtner is the founder of Project Management PrepCast. He is a PMP certified expert with over 20 years of project management experience in various industries. Also, he is the former PMI Chapter President. Cornelius is currently an active volunteer in his local PMI chapter. At the same time, he is a founding member of both PMI’s New Media Council and Social Media Advisory Group. Also, he is the host of the Project Management Podcast and the PDU Podcast. Alongside its work in coaching project managers, PM PrepCast also works with project managers to maintain their PMI® credentials through providing webinars, PMP training and online learning tools that allow project managers to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) for their re-certification.

As one of the top PMP exam preparation courses providers, PM PrepCast (or Project Management Prepcast PMP) coached over 30,000 project managers on their way to becoming PMP® certified. PM PrepCast trained around 50,218+ project managers in 56+ countries and it offers a wide set of PMI certifications trainings. As one of the leading online training providers, we are providing this extensive review for Project Management PrepCast PMP program.

What is PM PrepCast?

Project Management PrepCast PMP is a leading project management learning website that provides PMI certification-related training online. Until now it:

  • Coached over 30,000 project managers on their way to becoming PMP® certified
  • Trained around 50,218+ project managers on different PMI certifications preparation
  • Provided services to project managers from 56+ Countries

Project Management PrepCast PMP

Project Management Prepcast PMP offers training programs in a variety of PMI certifications including PMP, CAPM, and ACP. In addition to these certification training programs, PM PrepCast offers PDU programs for maintaining PMI certifications. At the same time, PM PrepCast offers a unique program for gaining PMI PDUs which it calls PDU Podcast.

What Are the Available Project Management Prepcast PMP Programs?

PM PrepCast offers a group of good trainings which focus solely on project management training programs. Moreover, Project Management Prepcast PMP provides unique formats for its project management training offerings, these products are self-paced training, including:

The PM PrepCast

The PM PrepCast is a Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Prep Video Workshop that you can download to your tablet, smartphone or PC. You are free to study for the exam wherever and whenever you want. It is a complete PMP® exam study approach that increases your chance of succeeding in the PMP Exam. It will make your study time shorter because it keeps you focused and you don’t have to read dozens of other books to prepare. If you watch the 42 hours of video from the PM PrepCast and you’ll be ready to handle the exam.

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PM Freebies Pack

Let us send you links for our PM Freebies Pack. Package includes:

- PMP Certification Bible (PDF)
- Free Agile Certification Training
- Free MS Project Training
- Free PM Templates (Download)

This product includes high-quality self-study content organized by industry experts in addition to 24×7 student support and assistance. Also, this offering consists of complete PMP Course, Video Lessons, Expert Interviews, Sample Questions, Email Course, 35 Contact Hours and Online student forums.

The PM Exam Simulator

The PM Exam Simulator gives you a real experience of the actual PMP Exam. You can practice on 1,600+ highly realistic PMP Exam sample questions based on the current PMBOK® Guide. You can be prepared fully with the 90-day access as often as you want. Also, you can read detailed explanations with all answers and learn why your answer was/was not correct. Finally, you can learn effective test-taking strategies and pass the PMP Exam on your first attempt.

The PM Formulas

The PMP Exam Formula Study Guide and Cheat Sheet include all you need to know about PMP Exam formulas, values, and acronyms. You also get sample questions to test yourself on. It’s your reference to all the math that you need to know in order to succeed in the PMP Exam. It explains the formulas, the concepts behind them and you’ll learn how to interpret the results. It is a 90-pages of PDF document with 105 Free PMP Exam Questions. They will allow you to practice this deep understanding. Their Formula Study Guide also contains the correct formulas and it is the authoritative source.

PM PrepCast PMP offerings

The main two PMP offerings provided by PM PrepCast include the following:

PM PrepCast PMP Basic training

This option includes permanent access to high-quality self-study content organized by industry experts in addition to 24×7 student support and assistance. Also, this offering includes Online student forums but doesn’t include PMP Exam Simulator.

PM PrepCast PMP Elite training

This option includes permanent access to high-quality self-study content organized by industry experts in addition to 24×7 student support and assistance. Also, this offering includes Online student forums and PMP Exam Simulator.

Both options offer widespread material formats starting from over 50 hours of webinars video training. Besides the main course material, there is the Exam Simulator and 1,600+ questions. Also, the options include Podcasts & Recorded Videos Downloadable. In addition to these materials, there is also Study Material & Printable Quizzes.

PM Prepcast PMP

The PMP Training Course is designed based on a long journey of 13 years with around 50,000 students. This content is regularly revised based on the latest PMBOK editions updates until reaching Sixth Edition. In addition to the PMP content outline, PM Prepcast PMP course contains PM podcasts which add to the richness of the course content.

PM PrepCast: PMP Exam and Certification Requirements

PMP certificate has a set of eligibility requirements that has to be fulfilled in order for PMP exam pursuers to apply for the PMP exam. These requirements involve a combination of education, experience and project management education. Project management experience ranges from 3 to 5 years based on the educational degree. On the other hand, the project management education requirement requires 35 PM education contact hours. At the same time, this 35 PM education contact hours need to satisfy PMP content outline requirement. Although it is not a requirement that the PM education contact hours contains strict content, it is a huge plus if the course covers the exam preparation.

Below is a summary of PMP exam application eligibility requirements

EducationProject Management ExperienceProject Management Education
Non Graduates5 years/7500 hours35 hours
Graduates3 years/4500 hours35 hours

In light of the above requirements, Project Management PrepCast PMP offers extensive content with an appealing self-paced format. In addition, it also offers PMP education requirement 35 PM education contact hours in the form of exam preparation course. Also, OSP International LLC, the provider of Project Management PrepCast PMP, is a Project Management Institute (PMI)® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.).

Project Management PrepCast PMP program will bring you a certificate of completion once you complete all course related material. This certificate of completion can help you apply for PMP certification exam but it won’t be a replacement for PMP certificate itself. Also, since the course is self-paced training, attendance on specific times won’t be required. Furthermore, since it is a self-paced online learning program you still have to be committed to a study plan so time won’t slip. In addition, You will have to commit to the coaching weekly hours so you won’t miss the benefits comes along this feature.

PMP Exam and Project Management PrepCast PMP

PMI success rate for the PMP exam takers is about 60% but PMI refuses to disclose the success benchmark. These factors make taking PMP exam a challenging journey that requires not only good knowledge of the content outline but also excellent preparations for the exam which starts from the study plan.

In general, Project Management PrepCast PMP is one of these programs which gives you the tools for PMP knowledge mastery. In addition, it provides you with the tools required to not only know but also to understand. Although this understanding will serve the student significantly, still there is a part laying in the student’s shoulder. We will summarize this part in the following sections, we will tell you more about preparing a good study plan and committing to course material and study plan. In addition to the above, practicing what the PMBOK breach and practicing exam questions are effective tools that can dramatically increase the probability of success.

With Exam simulator Option, Project Management PrepCast PMP allows you to assess where you stand in terms of knowledge, practice, and sense of exam.

project management prepcast pmp

What Free Material Does PM PrepCast PMP Offer?

Now let’s walk through what free material PM PrepCast PMP offer. Actually, they provide a wide range of free content and material. This material varies in terms of format but they’re all related to PMP exam preparation with no conditions for acquisition. We have listed below these free material with a brief description of each one of them.

Free PMP® Training Lessons

Project Management PrepCast PMP offers free sample lessons from its full PMP self-paced learning program. These lessons are available upon subscribing for free access with no fees.

PMP® Exam Guides

OSP International LLC has created a series of PMP® Exam Guides for its members. These are in-depth articles and eBooks with answers to frequently asked questions about the PMP Exam. These guides discuss each topic from many angles to answer all your questions. The guides include the following topics and they get updated regularly:

  • PMBOK® Guide Knowledge Areas for Project Management – Process Groups and Processes – The Complete Guide

Explanation about the differences between Knowledge Areas, Process Groups and processes. Additionally, it explains their definition, characteristics, and their importance for the PMP® exam.

  • PMP ITTO Complete Guide (Inputs, Tools, Techniques & Outputs)

There are several Inputs, Tools, Techniques, and Outputs described in the PMBOK® Guide. If you want to pass the PMP® Exam the key is to understand them.

Project Management PrepCast PMP

  • Creating Your PMP® Study Plan – The Complete Guide

As we mentioned before, to increase your chances of passing the Project Management Professional® exam, you need a study plan. Accordingly, this guide explains basic exam planning approaches. In addition to providing a review of best practices to include in your plan, there are downloadable PMP® Exam Study Plan Templates for you in Project Management Prepcast PMP materials.

  • PMP® Formulas and Calculations – The Complete Guide

There are nearly 50 formulas that you need to know for your PMP® Exam. This guide examines and explains about half of them, also reviews each of the formulas, explain how they are applied. In addition to the explanation, a number of sample questions are available for you to try.

  • The Complete Guide to PMP 35 Contact Hours

It tells you everything you need to know about the contact hours required for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam. In addition, the guide debunks some myths, define it all clearly and give you the tools you need to complete your application confidently.

  • PMP® Exam Questions – The Complete Guide

For achieving a successful result in the exam, you have to know the types and format of questions that you might expect. This is vital for your success. In Project Management PrepCast PMP guide, you will find exam question types with a sample for each question and also tips on how to study and prepare for each.

  • How To Get PMP Certification – The Complete Guide

This article will answer every question you may have about how to study for the PMP® exam. It reviews PMP Exam requirements, PMBOK® Guide, PMP® study material, exam prep strategies, memorization techniques, brain dump sheets, time management and much more.

  • PMP® Certification Bangalore – The Complete Guide

Are you living in Bangalore? Actually, preparing for the Project Management Professional® Certification Exam in Bangalore is no different than anywhere else. But as a large number of PMP aspirants from Bangalore asked about it this particular complete guide provides them all the necessary information.

  • How To Get PMP Certification in 10 Easy Steps

Project Management Prepcast PMP materials show you how to get PMP certification in just 10 easy to follow steps. And while preparing for this exam can be a time-consuming and difficult journey, this article will show you what you have to do in order to come out successful at the end. The article is also available as a free webinar if you fill out the sign-up form.

  • How to Fill in the PMP® Application

If you are struggling to fill in your application for the PMP® exam this article will be very helpful. Because it shows you how to fill in your PMP® exam application step-by-step, even including real-life examples from accepted applications of their students.

  • How to Recover from a Failed PMP Exam – The Complete Guide

It can happen. Even if you were fully prepared, it doesn’t mean that you will 100% pass the PMP exam on your first attempt. If this happened to you then you might naturally feel frustrated and disappointed. Your motivation might suffer as well. Project Management Prepcast PMP will guide you to find the top reasons for a failed PMP exam and a list of actions that you can go through as you prepare for your next attempt.

Project Management PrepCast PMP

PMP® Exam Tips Newsletter

The tips that this newsletter includes Exam Terms Explained, Free Sample Questions, Study Checklist, Lessons Learned and Formulas Explained. You will also find Video Lessons, ITTO Techniques and Study Tips & Tricks.

Free PMP® Practice Exam Questions

PM PrepCast offers free 120 Sample Test Questions based on the PMBOK® Guide Exam 6th Edition and updated for the 2019 PMP Exam. PM PrepCast developed this free test to help you get familiar with the exam. The questions come from The PM Exam Simulator and they are all based on the most current PMP Exam that has been in effect 2019.

PMP® Exam Webinars

PM PrepCast offers a free set of webinars which covers a variety of topics related to PMP exam. This webinar list keeps getting updated with new webinars. Example of available webinars are below:

  • Q&A For The PMP Exam

In this LIVE Q&A webinar, Cornelius Fichtner, PMP answers the most common questions about the exam administration and process. You can also ask questions to Fichtner using the chat box. This is a great opportunity to interact with a respected PMP exam expert and get your questions answered.

If you have general questions about the PMP exam administration and process this webinar is great for you. You can ask questions about how to study, what to study, how to apply, passing score, exam resources, or what goes on a brain dump, etc.

  • Ten Easy Steps to Becoming a PMP

If you are starting out on your journey to the PMP® exam you might not know where to begin. Project Management Prepcast PMP webinar will take away your frustration because it maps out your journey to becoming a PMP in 10 easy steps. This plan is a proven one for becoming a certified PM.

If you are at the early stages of your PMP exam preparation and looking for an actionable set of steps and recommendations on how to get there, then this is a must-watch webinar.

  • Q&A For The PMP Exam

If you are studying for the PMP® exam and have a general question like “what’s the passing score” or “how can I tell when I’m ready for the exam”? You have come to the right place.

Project Management Prepcast PMP webinar answers the questions that attendees submitted on their registration form, it also includes several recommendations for training resources and exam preparation advice. The webinar slides with questions, answers, recommendations, and links will be emailed to the attendees at the end.

  • Knowledge Areas and Process Groups

In this webinar Cornelius Fichtner, PMP will take you on a journey through the Knowledge Areas and Process Groups from the PMBOK® Guide. You will know more about them, what they are, how they differ, and how they relate to the nearly 50 processes in the guide.

You will learn which of these you actually use on a real-life project, which ones you need to know for the PMP Exam (spoiler alert: it’s ALL of them), tools to help you study all of this for the exam, and how Project Integration Management rounds everything out.

  • How to Fill in Your PMP Exam Application

In this Q&A webinar, you will see the strategies for filling in your PMP exam application hence you will avoid having your application rejected. Cornelius Fichtner will give you tips, tricks, examples and best-practice guidance on how to convert your project management experience into a successful PMP exam application.

The webinar also includes an easy-to-follow template for you, as well as good and bad examples from previously submitted applications.

Free PMP® Exam Resources

A collection of free PMP® Exam Resources to help you master exam required knowledge. This collection includes PMP® Training and Practice Tests, Articles, Newsletters. Also, it includes Tips eBooks, Links and Official Project Management Institute (PMI)® Documents.

Project Management PrepCast PMP

Pros & Cons of Project Management PrepCast PMP

Everything has its pros and cons and the provider under review is no different. Accordingly, in this section of our review, we will list down the PM PrepCast’s pros and cons.


First, we will discuss the pros. Let’s begin…


Self-paced training programs always provide the benefits of flexibility in terms of time, schedule and location. PM PrepCast offers its programs in self-paced learning formats offering its students unlimited flexibility to set their own schedule and learning from any place

Student Support

Project Management PrepCast offers students forum and email support, giving them access to interactive discussions. This is a good tool for the students whenever they have a question or they need to benefit from their peers’ experience.

Secure enrollment

You can rest assured that your payment is secure meaning that your credit card details are entered is secured with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

One-on-One Coaching

One of the most amazing options offered by Project Management PrepCast PMP is live one-on-one coaching with a PMP expert. This feature can be obtained by subscribing to PM PrepCast Executive course or purchasing PMP Coaching separately. The PMP will guide you through challenging areas, ensure that you are studying correctly, and answer questions. Coaching is also available with group option.

Quality of content

The quality of PM PrepCast PMP material is excellent in terms of the content itself as well as the quality of the media. In terms of content quality, as it is offered by Cornelius Fichtner, a PMP expert with more than 20 years of project management experience, it standouts as one of the best. Alongside other heavyweight instructors, the course material is rich with high-quality content. On the other hand, the quality of media in terms of audio and video doesn’t fail the student as well.

Multi interfaces

One of the key elements of self-paced training programs is its mobility. With Project Management PrepCast PMP you can study your course through your laptop, tablet or even your mobile. This comes as a distinguishing factor for PM PrepCast PMP since not all providers has this feature.

The 90-day money back guarantee

Project Management PrepCast PMP boasts confidence in its programs through its 90-day money back guarantee option. Which allows a student to ask for a refund in case s/he is not satisfied with the course for any reason.

Comprehensive Materials

Project Management PrepCast PMP offers a variety of study material in different formats which allows students to comprehend the content in the way they prefer. In other words, they expose the students to the same information in different formats to assure their understanding. You will find these formats: study guides, recorded videos, podcasts, coaching, webinars, the Exam Simulator, online forums, email courses, PMBOK guide, formula study guides, and eBooks.


Now we can move to the other side of the coin, the cons which include the following:

Limited offerings

Despite the wide variety of content formats and material media, PM PrepCast PMP offerings are very limited in terms of options for lower level users. Also, there is only 1 simulated practice exam with the PM PrepCast Standard course option. If you purchase the Elite course by paying more, you can upgrade to nine simulated exams.

No interactive learning

Another point of improvement is that the content material formats are static and informative with no interactive learning. Accordingly, this leaves students to traditional training methods only.

Videos are not engaging enough

Despite the richness of content, content media are not engaging enough for students. This leads students to obtain less information due to disengagement. At the same time, this might lead students to drop off course early as well as not feeling motivated to complete the whole course. Creating engaging content requires more than just expertise in the subject matter which is in our case project management. Also, it requires providing entertaining aspects in the material and media in order for it to be engaging.

No learning progress tracking

PM PrepCast does not allow you to track your progress where you can readjust your study plan accordingly. Since it’s a self-paced training it makes a crucial tool in your study journey. The absence of such a tool will leave you unaware of how much did you achieve.

Expensive online simulator

Although the competitively priced training courses, the exam simulator has a very high price. Yes, it seems a bit expensive even if it provides all modern features and it is backed by excellent support.

Long video lessons

Some of the video lessons are very long for students to comprehend in some cases. It makes learning by reading faster than watching videos. This is a difficulty for students to follow with these videos and usually, it creates difficulties for them hence it creates the need to review from different supporting material.

PM PrepCast PMP

User Ratings For Project Management PrepCast PMP

According to students’ rating on Google Reviews, PM PrepCast has 4.8 out of 5.0 which is a highly positive rating. But as the number of reviews is relatively small, we have decided to quote sample student reviews from both positive and negative reviews.

Positive reviews of Project Management PrepCast PMP

The student is praising both the exam simulator and the questions contained in this simulator, he is highly recommending it to be a part of the PMP exam pursuers’ study plan. He highlighted the benefits of the detailed explanations and the presence of references to the source material. He is also confirming the advantages of having student support answering his questions.

The student is praising exam simulator as well and recommends it to be a part of the PMP exam pursuers’ study plan. Since the student already took the PMP exam, the review is highlighting the benefits of provided answer explanations and questions’ relevance to the real exam.

Most reviewers provided very positive feedback and recommendation for different products of Project Management PrepCast.

On the other side of the coin, there are some unpleasant negative feedbacks for Project Management Prepcast PMP program, even though they’re a minor number in comparison to the positive ones you have to see them as well.

Negative reviews of Project Management PrepCast PMP

The student is complaining from money back policy and some instructors accent issues.

OSP International LLC does not provide its student’s success rate in pursuing PMP certificate which makes it hard to compare it to other PMP training providers.

Project Management PrepCast Alternatives for PMP Training

After considering all pros and cons of Project Management PrepCast PMP training programs, you might think that it is not a good fit for you. We have explored the other PMP training program which can be a PM PrepCast PMP alternative for you.

You can read our Best PMP Training post to see all PMP training options and ratings.

#1 Project Management Prepcast PMP Alternative

Founded in 2012, Master of Project Academy helped more than 100,000 professionals in more than 180 countries. The biggest advantage of Master of Project Academy is providing as many flexible plans as possible for the PMP certification candidates. Self-paced PMP training, in-person PMP Training, instructor-led PMP live sessions. Starting from $67/month, you can find comprehensive PMP training materials to get ready for the PMP exam. All you have to do is opting for the best option you would like to enroll.

Project Management Prepcast PMP

You can see our complete review and details about Master of Project Academy PMP programs.

#2 Project Management Prepcast PMP Alternative

Simplilearn PMP programs can be considered if you are not into Project Management Prepcast PMP offerings. Simplilearn offers self-paced and instructor-led PMP training programs. However, they have a very unfair pricing strategy. If you are visiting their page from india, you can enroll in a training costs as low as $100 (they show pricing in INR, which is local currency for India) while visitors from Europe or United States can see more than $600 for the same self-paced content material. You can read all pros and cons of Simplilearn PMP Programs.

#3 Project Management Prepcast PMP Alternative

If you are a fan of in-person PMP training programs, Project Management Academy PMP programs might be a good option for you. They have self-paced PMP programs as well however their reputation comes from in-person PMP classes. Four-day PMP classroom training starts around $2,500. Considering you can enroll in a comprehensive self-paced PMP training for $67/month, this is quite excessive. However, you can evaluate this option as well.

#4 Project Management Prepcast PMP Alternative

You might have heard of Udemy, which is a learning platform where several instructors place their content and students can purchase and enroll in their curriculum. You can consider Udemy PMP programs as a Project Management Prepcast PMP training alternative. However, keep in mind that the instructors you see on Udemy may not be there after your purchase next day. Moreover, their content may not be 35 contact hours.  This is a very big problem and con for Udemy PMP programs. Even though many programs advertise that they suffice 35 contact hours requirement of PMP exam, their content is far below of 35 contact hours if you a little bit look on the training page. You can see our comprehensive review about Udemy PMP programs.

#5 Project Management Prepcast PMP Alternative

If you have lots of money that you do not consider how much you will pay for the PMP training, you can consider Velociteach PMP option. While there are no significant difference of their virtual or in-person PMP training programs, they ask for around $2,500 to attend in their program. This option is well-known by the founder of the organization who is Andy Crowe. He has a PMP book as well and may be that is why Andy Crowe PMP platform is significantly more expensive than the other options in the market.

End of Review of Project Management PrepCast PMP

In summary, PMP certification is becoming a key business requirement for senior-level project leader roles in all sectors. Thus, this course is the best for Project Leaders, Assistant Project Managers, Team leaders, Project Engineers, Software Developers or any professional aspiring to become a project manager. PMP gives you the knowledge of project management hence, it is an approval of your global professional experience. Benefits of PMP, in short, include high market value, increased reliability, and in many cases higher wages.

Project Management PrepCast PMP course, indeed, provides a good orientation to the basics of project management. At the same time, you need to consider all available options out there to make sure you select the right choice that fits you. I personally would recommend that you have a good look at reviews over other PMP training programs providers. This way you can make a good comparison between different options and take the final decision with confidence.

Project Management PrepCast PMP