Are you a PMP certified professional or planning to appear for the PMP exam? Are you professional planning to renew your PMP certification? If yes, then in this article, we will define all the steps required to renew PMP certification and the importance of PMP. This will help you to get all the information related to PMP renewal. Let us first understand the importance of PMP.

Importance of PMPPMP Certification

PMP certification is a simpler way to get your career to a strong start for beginners. And, for experienced project managers, PMP certification will take you to the next step in your career.

If you are holding the PMP certification, it implies that you possess the expertise to manage the projects globally.

Attaining PMP Certification is a valuable asset to your career. Because it will help an individual to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close a project successfully across the varied industrial segments. Also, it will build your credibility in the industry. Besides, it can bag for higher billing rates from clients in projects. Further, it will open doors to new clients and offers international recognition.

Hence, investment in PMP certification is the right decision as it represents a high level of professionalism, shows your commitment to the project management profession, allowing for higher salaries as well raising your resumes above non-certified professionals, making you confident in handling projects and high market value.

Moreover, you will get the chance to collaborate and network with other project management professionals around the world. Furthermore, it connects you to a community of professionals, organizations, and experts worldwide. Therefore, it increases the chances of professional success and development.

PMP PDU Training

PMP certification familiarizes professionals with the concepts and techniques of effective project management.

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PMP Certification is the most crucial industry-recognized certification for project managers. Globally recognized and demanded, the PMP demonstrates that you have the experience, education, and competency to lead and direct the project.

Why you should renew PMP certification?

PMP certification is not an easy certification to crack. You need to put a lot of effort into studying, using the knowledge and experience required in managing projects in order to pass the PMP exam. Hence, it is hard to earn this certification.

Once you have achieved PMP certification then the next step which is very important is to do your PMP renewal. Else you will lose your credential. These days, it is required by many organizations when looking for a project management position. In many industries, it is a must to have certification for project managers. Hence, PMP renewal is very important while changing your job or looking for a position in project management.

Once you are a PMP certified professional then you need to earn 60 PDUs in a 3-year cycle in order to renew PMP Certification. If you don’t do your PMP renewal by end of 3rd year then it will go in the suspended state till 1 year after the CCR cycle. Hence, you will no longer be able to avail of its benefits further.

The process to PMP renewalPMP RP

  • First of all, earn 60 PDUs within the 3-year cycle to meet the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) for your certification.
  • Secondly, enter your PDUs in CCRS i.e. online CCR System. Here you need to enter the following details like Provider Name, Activity Name, Activity Dates and no of PDUs claimed according to 3 components of Talent Triangle.
  • Thirdly, click the ‘Submit’ button. And you will get the information on the number of PDUs accepted or rejected.
  • Next is to fill the online renewal application by entering contact information along with payment details
  • Then, agree to the Code of Ethics by PMI.
  • And, pay the PMP renewal fee. Here, you will get the information on how to make the payment.

If you are a PMI member, then you get the privilege to pay the discounted PMP renewal fee of 60 USD.

If you are not a member then you need to pay 150 USD to renew PMP certification.

  • Then you will receive the confirmation from PMI. And further you will get a certificate specifying a new CCR cycle. You can see your status as “Active and PMP in good standing” next to your PMP profile.
  • Finally, once you have renewed PMP certification then you have time to start planning for the next 3-year PMP renewal cycle.

PMP PDU Training

Points to remember are:

1. In a 3-year PMP renewal cycle, if you have earned 60 PDUs by 1st year or 2nd year then there is no need to wait for 3 years to complete. At that time, you can make the payment of fees and do your PMP renewal.

You do not need to bother about the PMP renewal date as PMI always renews the PMP certification date from the date of expiry of PMP certification rather than the date of payment of the PMP renewal fee.

2. There is a possibility that you do not earn the specified amount of PDUs within the 3-year cycle of PMP renewal. Hence, you couldn’t complete the PMP renewal within the completion of the CCR cycle. As a result, your status will be “Suspended” up to 1 year after the CCR cycle. Further, it will no longer be valid.

PMI Talent Triangle: PMP Renewal

In today’s competitive world, it is not enough to have ways of working skills only. These days, companies are looking for added skills in power skills and business acumen to support long-range strategic objectives that contribute to the bottom line.

Please note that PMI recently changed the PDU category names in the Education category. From now on the PDUs in the Technical Project Management category are replaced with “Ways of Working”; PDUs in the Strategic and Business Management category are replaced with “Business Acumen”; PDUs in the Leadership category are replaced with “Power Skills”.

As a PMP certified, you need to earn a minimum number of PDUs in each of the skill areas of PMI Talent Triangle i.e. Ways of Working, Business Acumen, and Power Skills.

Here, the Project Management Institute’s CCR process defines that you need to earn at least 35 PDUS under Education Category. Hence, PMP PDUs earned under the education category are mapped with three dimensions of the Talent Triangle. You can choose them as per your interests and professional needs.

PMI Talent Triangle is a combination of Ways of Working, Business Acumen, and Power Skills. Hence, in order to stay competitive and relevant, you must develop all these skills.

PMP Renewal

Power Skills

It represents competency in guiding and motivating. It applies to all the certifications. For instance:  Brainstorming, Coaching and mentoring, Conflict Management, Listening, Negotiation, Problem-solving, and Team Building

Ways of Working

This category represents domain expertise or certification specifics skills

Business Acumen

It represents business-oriented skills. It applies to all the certifications. For instance: Benefits Management and realization, Customer relationship and satisfaction, Industry knowledge and standards, Competitive analysis, Legal and Regulatory Compliance, Strategic Planning, Analysis, and Alignment.

In reality, PMI is referring to the skills that are important for a project manager to be successful in project management.

For instance:

  • If learning activities for PDUS belong to PMP content outline tasks, then you need to map them in the “Ways of Working” category.
  • And, if learning activities for the PDUS belong to process, tools and techniques in aligning the project with strategic goals then you to map them in the “Business Acumen” category
  • If learning activities for the PDUS belong to Team Development which will help in achieving the project goal then you need to map them in the “Power Skills” category.

Just make a note that you can earn 1 PDU for each hour you spend in learning related to PDUS earning.

PMP PDU Training

PMP Renewal Step #1 – Earn PDUs

The PDUs stand for Professional Development Units. Generally, people mislead PDUs with contact hours.

Let’s suppose that you are an individual who is planning to appear for the PMP certification exam. Then you need to attend 35 hours of training from a recognized training institute. Once you complete the project management training, they give you the certificate of 35 hours of training as 35 Contact hours. This is one of the PMP prerequisites to apply for the PMP exam.

Now once you have become PMP certified then you need to earn 60 PDUs in the 3-year cycle to do your PMP renewal.

Earn 60 PDU

Hence, in order to renew your PMP, you must earn PDUs. There are certain PMP PDU requirements asked by PMI. You must earn PDUs based on these requirements.

PMP PDU Requirements

PMI describes PDU Requirements for PMP to earn 60 PDUs in a 3-year cycle.

That means if you have Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, you are required to earn 60 PDUs in a 3-year cycle.

These 60 PDUS can be broken down into 2 categories:

1. Education PDUs: Here, a minimum of 35 PDUS needs to be registered in this category.

Education PDUs is a required category. It is further categorized into 3 skills:

  • Ways of Working, Business Acumen, and Power Skills
  • You need a minimum of 8 PDUs for each skill.

2. Giving Back PDUs: This refers to sharing knowledge and applying your skills actively. It is important to contribute to the profession. Besides, it enhances your own professional skills.

Here, a maximum of 25 PDUS need to be registered in this category

Giving Back PDU is an optional category. It is further categorized into 2 categories:

  • Working as a Professional: Here you can register maximum 8 PDUs
  • Volunteering & creating knowledge: Here you can register a maximum of 17 PDUs.


There are several ways to earn PDUS. However, the most convenient and affordable method is earning PDUs online. Especially, attending a 60 PMP PDU online course bundle will be a very easy way to earn PMP PDU hours.

Besides, other several easy and popular ways to earn PDUS in 2 categories (Education and Giving Back) are mentioned below:

Sources for earning PDUS for Education Category are:

1. Courses or Training: This way is considered as one of the traditional methods of attending any training related to project management from a recognized training institute. Ways to earn PDUS are:

  • Registered education providers (REPs) conduct different programs or trainings on a regular basis to earn PDUS.
  • Classroom Trainings or Instructor-led courses are organized from the PMI seminars world.
  • PMI local chapter conducts 2-3 days of Seminars, PMI Updates, and Conferences. They are on a chargeable basis.

2. Reading Books: Another way to earn PDUs in this category is to read books. Here, if you have a passion for reading, then you can make a reading list in the area of Ways of Working, Business Acumen, and Power Skills. In fact, you can earn a large number of PDUS in the ‘Read’ Category. This is the favorite category for book lovers who love to enhance the skills by reading books.

PMP Renewal

3. Organization Meetings: Another easy way is to attend meetings, activities, and local events related to the profession. Further, it gives you the opportunity to network and earn PDUS. Here, you can earn 1-2 PDUs in sessions in reference to the talent triangle component.

4. Informal Learning: Last but not the least; you must engage yourself in structured professional discussions with a team or different projects. For instance: Mentoring sessions, Brainstorming sessions, or lunch and learn sessions.

Sources for earning PDUS for Giving Back Category are:

1. Working as a practitioner: This is the most common way in this category to earn PDUs. If you are working in the project management domain as a working professional who is actively working on a project. Then you are contributing to this profession by applying your knowledge and skills. Hence, you can earn a maximum of 8 PDUs.

2. Creating Content: Another way in this category to earn PDUs is to write project management articles or create project management content. But this will be more effective if you have a passion for writing and have an interest in writing blogs and articles.

3. Giving Presentation: Another easy way for trainers or speakers to earn PDUs in this category is to give a presentation on project management topics or best practices or emerging trends. Hence, if you are a good speaker or you have the ability to present some topics at seminars or conferences then this is a good way to earn PDUS.

4. Sharing Knowledge: This has always been the most effective way to earn PDUS by attending knowledge sharing sessions with your team or peers.

5. Volunteering: These days, lots of conferences and workshops need volunteers. In fact, PMI chapters give many opportunities from time to time. If you like contributing to social good as a volunteer then you can participate in these conferences and can earn PDUs.

6. Watching videos: Another interesting way to earn PDUs is to watch videos online or different forms of digital media for self-learning.

7. Listening to Podcasts: Likewise, you can listen to podcasts where each PDU represents 60 minutes of learning. Hence for podcasts that are under an hour, just listen to a couple on the same topic and consolidate them.

8. Attending Webinars: For PMI members, the easiest way to earn PDUs is to attend the webinar. And PMI conducts webinars on a regular basis. Besides many training organizations conduct free webinars where you can earn 1-2 PDUS

PMP PDU Training

PMP Renewal Step #2 – Submit PDUs

Once you have earned PDUS, now you need to renew PMP certification by submitting PDUs to PMI from your PMI profile. PMI might ask for proof of enrolment in your PDU activities.

  • Login to and select ‘Certifications’ -> ‘Report PDUs on CCRS’


  • On, Click ‘PDUs’ -> ‘Report PDUs’

Report PDUs


  • Now you can report PDUs under 2 sections i.e. Education and Giving Back
  • To report under section ‘Education’ i.e. ‘Course or Training’, ‘Organization Meetings’, ‘Online or Digital Media’, ‘Read’ or ‘Informal Learning’
  • Click on ‘Course or Training’

  • Enter details of training or workshop you have attended for preparation of PMP exam such as Provider name, Course, Description, Date Started, Date Completed, URL (optional), Contact person (Optional), Contact Phone (Optional), Contact Email (Optional)

  • Enter the PDUs Earned in the ‘PDUs Claimed’ section under 3 categories i.e. Ways of Working, Business Acumen, and Power Skills

  • Select the checkbox ‘I agree this claim is accurate’
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button
  • Now you can see claim submission results with Number of PDUs and Status as ‘Submitted’

  • Suppose you find out that you have incorrectly entered PDUs’ details. It could be a wrong number of PDUs entered or incorrect category or typo error
  • Click ‘PDUs’ -> Claim History
  • Click Activity you have just entered
  • Then, click ‘Delete’ button

  • Select a reason i.e. ‘Claim Entered in Error’, ‘Claim entered in under the wrong category’, ‘Duplicate Claim’ or ‘other’
  • Click ‘Delete’ button
  • All the information pertaining to this activity will get deleted
  • If you want to edit the information in the activity you have filled, click ‘Retract and Edit’ button

  • A Message box will appear.
  • Click ‘Yes’ to continue and ‘Cancel’ to exit the message box
  • Another option is to claim PDUs under Giving Back Category i.e. Work as a Practitioner or Create content or Give a Presentation or Share Knowledge or Volunteer option

  • Select ‘Create Content’
  • Enter details of Organization, Title, Description, Date Started, Date Completed, PDUs Claimed
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button

And PDUs of this activity will be submitted in the ‘Giving Back’ category.

You can view all PDUs entered under ‘Claim History’.

Likewise, you can fill the remaining PDUs under any of the categories until you fulfill 60 PDUs to renew PMP.

PMP PDU Training

PMP Renewal Step #3 – Pay PMP Renewal Fee & Renew PMP

After completing the PDU submission, you will see a link to PMP renewal in your PMI profile.

You should follow the link to pay the PMP renewal fee and upon payment, your PMP certification will be in good standing for the next three years.

You should earn 60 PMP PDUs every three years to keep your PMP in good standing.

  • Make a note that you can start earning PDUs as soon as you become PMP certified. You don’t need to wait until the end of the 3-year cycle.

Generally, a question arises that can we transfer the earned PDUs to the next cycle?

The answer is yes, you can transfer earned PDUs to the next cycle. Suppose in the 3-year cycle, you have earned more than 60 PDUs but only those PDUs which you have earned in last year i.e. 3rd year of the cycle can be transferred to the next cycle.

Conclusion: PMP Renewal

PMP renewal is critical for a professional since it is a hard-to-earn certificate which is asked by many employers. While you have it, do your best to earn PDUs and renew PMP certification.

Online PMP PDU course enrolment is the fastest and cheapest way to earn PMP PDUs. PDUs earned need to register in 3 categories i.e. Ways of Working, Business Acumen, and Power Skills.

You need to earn 60 PDUs in the 3-year cycle to renew PMP and keep your PMP status in good standing. That means you do not need to wait till end of 3rd year to renew PMP. And, you can renew PMP as soon as you earn the required PDUs.

If you do not earn required PDUs within the CCR cycle of 3 years then your PMP status will go in the suspended state till 1 year after the CCR cycle and further it will not be valid.

PMP Renewal fee is 60 USD if you are a PMI member. If you are not a member of PMI, then the PMP Renewal fee is 150 USD. Hence, being a PMI member saves money in PMP renewal.

PMP PDU Training